50 things about me

1. To start off, I’m an Iranian born in Kuwait
2. I have seen 32 summers and autumns pass by, but only 31 winters and springs.

3. I have lived in Kuwait, Montréal, Toronto, Isfahan and Tehran. I have traveled to England, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Turkey. And I have had 1 day visits to Boston, Pakistan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar.
4. I currently live in Kuwait.
5. I terribly miss Tehran. Things I miss most: the mountains, vali-asr street in autumn (because of the magical beauty of the foliage and the various colors and the way the trees are suspended over the street as if they are leaning in to hug you), the smell of Jasmine eespeciallyin the mornings, cool early morning breeze, watching the sunrise or sunset at Darband, sweet smell of snow, smell of freshly baked Iranian bread, Modarees highway and its breath taking greenery, yes even the exasperating traffic.
6. I’ve been an ESL (English as a second language) teacher for over 11 years now.
7. I love love, love and love chocolate. Chocolate anything: bar, cake, ice-cream, hot drink, biscuit, pudding, and especially frosting. I once ate a kilogram of chocolate ice cream in 3 hours.
8. Listening to the sound of rain hitting the roof of my car always makes me smile
9. I have never been in love
10. I procrastinate. One good example is this blog. I created it last week but only making an entry now (pat on my back)
11. I bought a guitar just so I could sit on the beach and play “Yea Divareh” (a Persian song). The guitar is now gathering dust 🙂
12. I love my niece to bits.
13. I love singing in the car. Switching off the car if one of my favorite songs is on is considered as a moral sin. The right path to take in this situation is to sing along till it finishes then get out of the car
14. I have not read a book in 9 years. The last book I read was the Persian translation of “The Alchemist”. A friend forced me to read it. I can’t even remember the last English book I read.
15. Before moving to Iran I used to read at least 3 books a month
16. I have never lied to a friend. I just do not tell them the whole story (heehee)
17. Despite my best effort, I can’t stop my tears from falling when watching films, even comedies!! Hey I even get teary-eyed during cartoons, commercials, songs. Last time I cried was when listening to the line “Goodbye Michelle my little one” for the nth time in “Seasons in the sun”.
18. My spelling sucks; yes I did say I was an English teacher 🙂
19. I don’t consider downloading songs off the net as illegal nor immoral. I have never bought an original CD, only bootlegged ones. Is it wrong?
20. I talk to myself…yes even out loud if no one is on the room
21. My favorite 2 sounds are the sound of raindrops and waves
22. When taking a shower I always cover my ears and listen to the sound of water drop on my head.
23. Things I would like to do before I turn 35: bungee jumping, scuba diving, fly in a hot air balloon, and visit at least 2 more countries.
24. If my house is ever on fire, I would grab my diary, my picture album (including my picture CDs), and my box of mementos
25. I sign off all my emails with “Have a magical day”
26. My favorite word is “magical”
27. I over use the word “extremely” and “ass”
28. My biggest flaw is that I tend to jump to conclusions a lot. Hey blame it on my zodiac sign
29. My zodiac sign is cancer
30. I am also quite sensitive…again blame it on my sign
31. When I’m upset with someone, I could go for months without talking to them
32. My favorite album is “Affirmation” by “Savage Garden”
33. The best gift I have ever received was a book on tape translation of “The Little Prince”. The tape was narrated by Ahmed Shamloo.
34. The only French book I have ever read is the French version of this book. And yes, I have also read the English version.
35. For a while, my hobby was collecting quotations. Now I have no hobbies at all. Sad isn’t it?
36. My favorite flower is yellow daffodils; but my favorite floral scent is Jasmine. I used to watch out for those daffodil street vendors when stuck in traffic in Tehran. I thought to myself that if I knew for sure that paradise is full of that bright yellow glow of daffodil and the smell of Jasmine, I would try to be a better person so I could get in.
37. I always get lost when driving in Kuwait. I think that’s mostly because I have a little concert going on in my head 🙂 (see no 13)
38. I hate asking for directions. I would drive around in circles for hours but would not stop for a millisecond to ask someone where the hell I am.
39. I only own 1 pair of shoes, 2 pairs of flip flops, and 1 pair of sneakers. I wonder if I have broken some kind of world record for the least pair of shoes owned by a woman. I once wore the same pair of shoes for 3 years.
40. I hate my hair. I have half a mind to shave it off and wear a different kind of wig everyday
41. I refuse to eat okra (lady fingers). Even looking at it is a bit torturous for me.
42. As a kid I once sat and prayed and begged God to punish Jerry for hurting Tom so much.
43. It used to really piss me off when people did not spell my name right after I had repeatedly corrected it for them. Now I am ok with it. Now if someone misspells my name I would just put a little curse on them 🙂
44. I also put curses on people who are late for appointments, meetings, outings, dates, etc 🙂
45. Whenever I am depressed all I have to do is go for a walk on the beach. The longest it has ever taken the beach to cheer me up is 10 seconds.
46. Films I have watched more than once within 2 days are: Forrest Gump, My big fat Greek wedding, Life is beautiful, The Others, From Karkhe to Rein (Iranian: Az kharkhe ta Rien), The color of paradise (Iranian: Raange-Khoda).
47. I can’t stand men who don’t tuck their shirts in when wearing formal attire.
48. I don’t believe in capital punishment. Not because I think it is a cruel and inhumane, but because I think it is not cruel enough. The best way to punish rapists and molesters is to put them in solitary confinement for life. I also believe that the sentence for these 2 crimes should be a lot harsher than homicide since when you rape or molest someone you have scarred them for life.
49. I don’t do mornings
50. I once got detention in primary school because my teacher realized that the nickname I had given him “Mr. Soosky” meant Mr. Cockroach in Farsi. I don’t know why I called him that. I actually had a little crush on him. Anyway, he made me write 500 times, “I will not call Mr Stanistosky (I think that was his name) Mr. Soosky”.


16 thoughts on “50 things about me

  1. Hey u cheated it’s 100, not 50!

    8. or against the window
    9. good for u 😛
    13. no wonder where that noise is coming from :P, you should see the staring that goes on when I sing in my car.
    14. hmmm, u said u were and English teacher?!
    16. hehehe
    42. LOOL, aaawww so cute 😀
    48. it should be torture for life

  2. 19. ditto.
    22. I used to do that.
    29. ditto x2.
    39. Hah! No way!!! :/
    42. Lol!!!
    50. LOL!!1111one… etc. xD

    Interesting. ;P

  3. Elijah: Well i guess I can add being a cheater to my list. Come to think of it I always did cheat when playing board games with my bro and sis as a kid. Well I wouldn’t call it cheating, I call it coming up with my own set of rules 🙂

    8. yeh 4got that one. I also love hearing the windshield wiper waving left and right, left and right
    9. merci…so i am not missing out on much huh?
    13. so u r that weirdo 😛
    14. shhhhhh my students might hear you
    16. ok fine i eventually tell them
    42. didn’t u?
    48. from yr blog i c that u r not a seafood fan, huh?

    19. i read an article the other day on why most people don’t consider it as stealing. will post sth about it soon
    22. why did u stop? It so “magical”
    29. so do u suffer from the same conditions; r u moody and sensitive?
    39. serious
    42. well Jerry deserved it. poor Tom 🙂
    50. Yeah unfortunetly it was too late. The nickname had caught on and a couple other students were soon calling him that

  4. LOL!

    I still hate Jerry!

    I tried out the new Japanese place ‘Hashi’ the food was quite good. So I guess all the others didn’t know how to cook it properly.

  5. 22. I never think of it when I happen to do so, I do it unintentionally. :/

    29. Not really, no. :/

    39. It cannot be. I mean a girl with less than 10 pair of shoes?! It just doesn’t sound right. ;P

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for link to my blog…I appreciate it VERY much..and we have several things in common, besides the fact that we are both teachers (I teach college level communications/media classes) and closing in on 35…OUCH!

    8 – yes the rain in a car or against a window is GOOD
    9 – I’m sorry you’ve never been in love…altho it can be pretty scary…it IS beautiful too
    11 – I too have a guitar collecting dust in a corner
    12 – my niece is a gift from GOD:)
    13 – I almost wet my pants when I read this…I JUST did this very thing yesterday! HAHA!
    27 – I tend to over use the word ass as well…what’s up with that?
    39 – I wish I only had 4 pairs of shoes total…I have issues with shoes…esp. flip flops!
    43 – yes…no one EVER spells my name right either…I HEAR you!

    Hope all is well on the other side of the planet and it’s a pleasure to meet you!

  7. #8 OMGGG I smile because of that too! I smile whenever it rains, I love rain.

    Also especially walking when it’s raining but I’m afraid of thunders striking me. lol.

  8. kammie kobyleski: Love your blog, thanks for the uplift

    vanity: rain is magical

    happy wolf: i recently realized why i have never fell in love..i’m too intelligent 😛

    shadi: khahesh mekonam

  9. 42. As a kid I once sat and prayed and begged God to punish Jerry for hurting Tom so much.

    That one literally made me LoL! XD

    Stanikowsky or whatever was he a sub? hehe

  10. #42 made me smile!

    I miss that cartoon terribly. Also I miss Pink Panther. I hate now-aday cartoons.

    And omg the rain hitting the roof of my car makes me smile too! The rain itself makes me smile. I just love it when it rains.

  11. enigma: nope, he wasn’t a sub, and now that i think back, he wasn’t cute either 😦 I don’t know why i had a crush on him ;p

    il-zain: i still watch Tom and Jerry…and yes, he is still my favorite 😀

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