Inaugurating my blog

A few days ago I was sitting with a couple of friends (M and N) nagging as usual that there is no spark in my life and that I need some kind of addiction. N suggested that I start a blog. It was kind of funny since only 2 weeks prior an online friend suggested that same thing. Well here I was, getting all the signs and so I said to myself, maybe it’s time I get into this blogging game.

There was only one problem: I had no idea how to start or what to say. N’s answer, “Make a list of 100 things about yourself”. Now, since I don’t know myself that well, I made a list of 50 things about moi. Here we go: [see next post]


6 thoughts on “Inaugurating my blog

  1. hi,
    First of all lemme giv u a pat for the blog,
    esp the 50 thingz abt u.
    It reveals the true self of yrs, yr feelingz…without anythin to disguise/camouflage.

    & second
    Why don u write more?
    You cud write abt those thingz u have encountered in yr life, special nostalgic incidents, thingz which u learnt (or thought u hav learnt) in life..etc..etc.

    Gud going

  2. pen2hanifa: Thanks for the pat and the wonderful suggestion. Maybe I’ll write about why I love “The little Prince” so much

    Criticizer: Thanks for being one of the first passengers to fly on my plane 🙂 BTW, I check out yr blog. What a coincidence coz just 2day one of my students mentioned that he loves his mac. Xcuse my ignorance but is mac another operating system? I know i could just google it and find out but honestly it is 2:17 AM now and i am brain dead.

  3. Mac is a normal daily-use personal computer that combines style with professional work. It has its own Operating System (called OS X) which is the world’s most advanced OS. It’s very innovative and more user friendly than Windows OS. It’s great in all aspects and it just works fine for everything! Some narrow minded people say it’s complicated but don’t let that fool you, it needs some practice and you’ll master it in no time.

    I bet if you experience it once you’ll never try anything else forever. And as they say “Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back!” ;P

    Here… hope you find this [link] helpful.

  4. et: Thanks. I checked out the site. I liked your article there. I appreciate the suggestion, but honestly I don’t think I have much to say. To describe society the way you do, you got to first of all know how to see behind the wall, and second live in Tehran. Like your blog.

    Criticizer: Thanks for the info and link. My student is trying to get me to go mac. It’s tempting…

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