Aqua Fire Treatment

I recently got a pension plan from Alico and had to go to the International Clinic for a medical check up. Now the only time I ever read magazines is when I can get hold of free ones 🙂 (I guess I got to add being stingy or frugal as I like to call it to my list). Anyway, I am flipping through a magazine when I come across this article with a picture of a woman lying down on her back with towel on her stomach. My jaws drop, eye wide open and i let out a little gasp. The towel is on fire. Yep, and oh the woman had a grin on her face. Now unfortunately the article was in Arabic so I couldn’t get more out if it. So I came home and googled it. Here’s an excerpt and link to the story:

Women who want to lose weight are being offered a startling new way to burn fat – by being set on fire.
Would-be slimmers are flocking to a spa in Hong Kong that promises to reduce their waistlines by smearing them with Chinese herbs, dousing them with alcohol and then setting light to them, all for £78 a session.
The spa claims that the intense heat of the fire penetrates deep tissue, increasing circulation and helping the body to absorb the herbal concoction which works to detoxify the body and break down fat.

Unfortunately I could only find this picture:

Well since none of my diets seems to be working, I think it is high time I set myself on fire.

[Ten Minutes Later]

I just realized that apart from skipping that daily chocolate bar, I have not technically been on a diet. So I might put off setting myself on fire for a while.


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