First time I smoked shisha

You wanna hear something ironic? I am a Middle-Eastern who’s been living in Kuwait for over 4 years now, but it took an American who was in Kuwait for only 2 weeks to teach me the art of smoking sheesha (hookah).

Serious. We were at ‘Silk and Spice’ an Indian restaurant in Al-Kout Mall, when she brought up the subject. I told her I have never smoked one. She was shocked. So she turned to the waiter and asked if they have sheeshas.

“Madam, this is an Indian restaurant. We don’t have sheeshas”, smiled the waiter.

“So where is the nearest place we get find sheeshas?”

“There is a Lebanese restaurant just pass Columbus Café”

Five minutes later a strawberry sheesha was in front of me and a grape one was appeasing her. As the sheesha guy was preparing our sheeshas, she gave step by step explanation as to what he was doing and why. How the heck she turned into a sheesha expert in just 2 weeks beats me.

Now even though I had only know her for 3 hours, she had managed to figure out int that short time that I am kind of daft. So as soon I took hold of the tube came her well timed advice, “Don’t blow into it, you got to inhale”

Inhale I did, several times but alsas nothing happened. Poor thing, she kept coaching me till I finally got it. “Now”, she said, “you got to try to get it out of your nose”.

“Out of my nose?!!!”

“Yeh, you would look like a raging bull”

Well she forgot to mention that after looking like a raging bull, the room would start to spin, your head would get light and you would start feeling giddy. Damn, I seriously don’t understand why people get a kick out of smoking sheeshas.


4 thoughts on “First time I smoked shisha

  1. Don’t even think of continuing to smoke sheesha! It’s addictive to no limit yet very harmful, even worse than cigs.

  2. elijah: I gave cigs a go as well a couple of weeks ago. Ended up burning my mouth 🙂

    criticizer: thanx 4 the warning. Believe me I have no intention of trying it ever again.

  3. One round of sheesha is equal to 20 cigarettes , it’s sad that people misunderstand that the water purifies the smoke , which is not the case … anyways i’m glad you had fun!

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