Gadgets for your website

Would you look at me. I inaugurated my blog last Thursday and instead of posting my rant and raves, I am filling it up with cool gadgets (pat on my back). Would you believe that I also have to hand in a huge proposal tomorrow that I haven’t even started working on yet? It’s 12:15 am now. I am so fired, I just know it. I think procrastinating is on my list of 100 things about moi; maybe I should also add being a gadget freak? I wonder if there is a help group for people like me?

Anway, I got the code for most of them from: GOOGLE GADGETS

And the others from these sites:




You know, I have learnt so much about myself since I started making this list. Like I never knew I loved Pacman so much…..and I didn’t know I could perform the dance of joy so passionately. I learnt both facts about myself when I saw Pacman on Google.


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