An apology to my car

Well I can now officially call myself insane. A few days ago I got into my car and gave it a sincere heartfelt apology. I don’t think I have ever apology to another fellow human being the way I apologized to my car.

The background of the story
I hate my car (correction: I used to hate my car). I just find it truly boring mainly because there aren’t any buttons or gadgets I can fiddle around with. All I can do with this car is drive it!!!! Booooorrrriiiinngg. Well I have not made this hatred a secret. I badmouth the poor thing any chance I get.

Anyway, few days ago I went to see a show (Midsummer Night’ Dream performance at the British Embassy) with a couple of friends. After the show we wanted to go to Salmiya for a cup of coffee. I left my car parked in an isolated parking lot and went with them. Around midnight one of them said, “Won’t it be funny if your car is towed by now”.

Ouch!!! The thought of my poor car being stuck all alone in the middle of a car pound with strangers just broke my heart. I just had to get to it. Boom bang bam around 10 minutes later I saw my car in that isolated quiet parking lot all alone in a corner. I approach it very timidly. I was too embarrassed to look up at it in the windshield. Very meekly I put my keys in and opened the door. As soon as I got in, I whispered out loud, “Sorry, I will never ever leave you alone”. And I meant it.

I will also no longer bad mouth my laptop or imate. I will treat each one of them with the respect they deserve.


3 thoughts on “An apology to my car

  1. you better write an apology to you car now. I am telling you these things can sense when you don’t like them anymore.

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