Graffiti in Kuwait

It’s amazing how we all love to scream out our inner thoughts, feelings, opinion, etc in any way possible. Those of us who are in tune with our inner feelings seem to easily find outlets.

In Tehran, graffiti is a popular outlet for these random thoughts. Political, humorous, cultural, religious, cartoons, poetic, etc are every where you look.

In Kuwait though I have only seen these:

I loved them. Very artistic. How come there aren’t any more?


9 thoughts on “Graffiti in Kuwait

  1. The pics were taken by a friend; same one who bugged me to start this blog in the first place.

    Well graffiti depicts the personality of the people who live in that city. I guess in yr home town everyone is in love 🙂

  2. Thats pretty awesome work.lately iv been seeing alot of swear words scribbled up on words….wish there was more art tho- wld b nice..

  3. Isn’t it? It was near the MacDonald’s near the beach. About a month ago they painted over them.

  4. wer is it in !? iam an artist btw SAINT iam solo if any contest comes up plz let me know ! PEACE

  5. i like grafitti very much and u hope that it will bring the world together in one to show no violence and that we all will be nice to each other and not show dissagreement to all of the heads of our nations

  6. those graffities are awesome! i live in kuwait but i havent seen such things like this there are just swear words all over the walls but i do graffiti on paper

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