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My Resolution for 2007

So I am getting ready to say goodbye to the old me of 2006 and hello to the new me of 2007. As I was thinking of what should my New Year’s Resolution be for this year I receive a text message from someone I have not heard from in 11 months. His New Year wish was simply: May God bring you Joy.

Hmmmmm, so how do I achieve that—joy?

So after endless hours of roaming about and exerting a lot of effort I came up with the following list for 2007:

  1. I will make my camera an extension of my arm
  2. I will establish a personal tradition
  3. I will listen and pay more respect to my body
  4. I will start the cancerous act of smoking
  5. I will read at least one fictional book every 6 months
  6. I will not play hide and seek every time I run into someone I know
  7. I will only spend 2 hours a day surfing the net
  8. I will stop forwarding emails to friends and actually start writing personal ones
  9. I will reduce my various personas to only two
  10. I will make the time to take Arabic courses and will put my foot down if my manager wants to give me any shift that coincides with my Arabic classes

Top ten New Year’s Resolutions

Was surfing as usual and came across this:

Top ten New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Spend more time with friends and family.
2. Get Fit and exercise
3. Over 66% considered themselves overweight and vowed to start diets and lifestyle changes to combat their weight.
4. Quit Smoking – easy these days with patches, gum and tablets.
5. Enjoy life more
6. Quit Drinking excesses and return to moderate consumption
7. Get out of debt
8. Learn something new – take a course.
9. Help others more through voluntary work within the community
10. Get organized.

A lesson from Rumi

No, seriously what’s with us Iranians and poetry. Why is it that all Iranians over 30 years old feel they are compelled to say this sentence somewhere in any sort of conversation they are having:

“As [name of poet] says,

“Blaaaaa blaaaaaa blaaaaa blaa Blaaaaa blaaaaaa blaaaaa blaa”

Am I the only Iranian born without the innate ability to understand poetry? What bugs me most is that even illiterate Iranians can not only recite at least 100 different verses by heart, but they can even write their own piece of poetic lines. WTF!!!!

Do I sound upset? GDI, of course I am. Why? Coz I feel so stupid around them that’s why. Seriously!!

Now what has triggered all of this? Well, I received an email from a newly hired Iranian co-worker who wanted to see me regarding something. At the end of his email, instead of signing it off the same boring way we all do, he quoted some meaningful gibberish.

Well I saw him today. At the end of our conversation I had to open my big mouth and say, “By the way, I didn’t quite understand 1 or 2 parts of the poetry you wrote.”

“Which part?”


[More pause]

Finally, “Well all of it”

[Innocent smile]

“That was, “Blaaaaa………..”

Abruptly interrupted, “Yeh, what does that ‘blaa’ mean?”

So long story cut short, he explained that it meant that things in life are subjective. What one person finds sweet could be bitter to someone else. The trick is to show compassion. Love and compassion is what makes life sweet.

My next question was gonna be WTH did he send me this verse, and then I realized it was coz he wanted a favor so this was his way of making sure I didn’t decline. I had to be sweet or everything I tasted would taste poisonous!

Anyway, back to my original question: Am I the only Iranian who goes brain dead when they hear poetry? The dude then went on to say that this verse is from Mollana (aka Rumi). Now the only thing I could say to get out of seeming ignorant was:

“Yeah, that dude could dig 1 or 2 things” (areh agha mollana eey cheezahaee haleesh boud)

I could then kinda sense Rumi turning in his grave.

[Head down]

I am so ashamed.

He later on went to say that Rumi’s poetry is very soothing for him. Whenever he wants answers to life’s big questions he turns to the old master.

I said:

“I get my answers from Tom and Jerry…well when I was a kid I mean…not now…definitely not now…nooooooo sireeey…honest”

The poor dude was such a good sport. He said,

“Tom and Jerry is your sweet. Whatever makes us happy”

Something new everyday: Day 1

“So where do you wanna go?”

“Dunno, surprise me”


Yeh ‘course. Have we ever been highway cruising without music?”

“Persian, English, or Arabic?”

“Surprise me.”

So on goes the stereo and The Corrs comes on. I just recently discovered them. They are very good.

“Why hadn’t I heard of them before?”

[No answer]

Well I guess my car was done talking to me. Maybe it’s time I tried tuning in my shrink.

“Yo shrink, you there?”

“Yeh, I am here. I see you are highway cruising again.”

“Yeh, don’t feel like going home yet.”

“Wanna tell me why?”

“Nah, not now. Maybe later.”

“So why did you call?”

“Something someone said to me yesterday struck a cord. She was giving me advice. Sincere, very sincere.”

[Two minute pause]

“Well, go on.”

“I just remembered I don’t want to talk about it. Anyway, what do you think of a project I have in mind. I have decided that I am going to find at least 1 thing to do everyday that I have never ever done before.”

“Everyday you will try out something new?!!!”



“Well it doesn’t have to be anything major. Knowing myself I would probably try a new food or something.”

“So what did you do today that you have never done before?”

“I had a Malteser ice cream.”

[No comment]

7 Powerful Middle-Eastern Women

Forbes recently (31 Aug 06) published a list of the world’s most powerful women. Guess who is number 91? Here’s an excerpt from the site about her:

When Al-Ghunaim, 46, started Global Investment House in 1998, people thought she was imprudent: the Kuwait stock market had tanked, oil prices were down and Saddam Hussein was making trouble again. But the U.S.-educated Al-Ghunaim proved naysayers wrong. “I wanted to make a difference,” she says, by offering more than plain portfolio management. Global now manages $7 billion in assets. It boasts a strong research department and offers a slew of funds, ranging from fixed income to hedge funds. It is in the process of raising a $1 billion fund that will invest in pre-IPO companies in India, China and Turkey. In one of the biggest deals in the Middle East last year, Global helped take public Lebanese telecom Investcom in London and Dubai, raising $200 million. Al-Ghunaim heads the Kuwaiti chapter of Young Arab Leaders, a pan-Arab organization working to improve education and promote entrepreneurship. —Zina Moukheiber

Yep, it’s Maha Al-Ghunaim, the Founder, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Global Investment House.

Other prominent Middle-Easter women who made the list:

  • No.#28 Sima Samar , Chairman of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission from Afghanistan
  • No.# 72 Nahed Taher , Founder and Chief Executive of Gulf One Investment Bank from Saudi Arabia
  • No.# 79 Christiane Amanpour Chief International Correspondent of CNN. Ok technically she is American, but her father is Iranian so I included her in this list (heehee)
  • No. # 81 Queen Rania , Queen of Jordan
  • No. # 95 Vidya Chhabria , Chairman of Jumbo Group from Dubai
  • No. #97 Lubna Olayan , Chief Executive of Olayan Financing from Saudi Arabia

I guess the question is should I be proud that 7 out of the world’s most powerful women come from my part of the world, or should I wonder how come it is only 7% (heemmm)


Ok, after years of hard effort, I finally managed to learn how to eat without staining my clothes. An achievement I must say I am quite proud of. So, good old merry little me goes off to a hair salon and I am flipping through an old issue of Good Housekeeping I see this:

Apparently it is an instant stain remover called Tide-to-Go.

#$%^&*!!!!!! Now why couldn’t I have seen this before I went into all that trouble of learning how to eat!!!! All those hours wasted 😦

How do you spend your 86400 seconds?

“There are 86400 seconds in a day, and you are telling me that you can’t afford to spend just 10 of them to ask me how I am doing today?”

Ouch, someone please come and take this dagger out of my heart. The above torturous statement was uttered by a colleague of mine today. You see I have been having these crazy long shifts at work lately which basically translates into me being a walking zombie. Bottom line: I am flunking social etiquettes. I only manage to nod a hello once in a while to people and if I have had at least 3 mugs of caffeine kick, a faint “mornin” finds its way out of me.

The dude’s question has got me thinking; how do I spend my 86400 seconds in a day? Most days around 40% of it is somehow related to work, 30% sleep, 15% surfing the net and TV, 15% staring into space. Pathetic (pat on my back).

Gotta turn over a new leaf. (heemmmm)

I guess I have to start working on my New Year’s resolution. So far I got 2:

  1. I will learn a new skill before April (dunno what yet)
  2. I will turn my love of photography into a serious hobby (dunno how yet)