How do you spend your 86400 seconds?

“There are 86400 seconds in a day, and you are telling me that you can’t afford to spend just 10 of them to ask me how I am doing today?”

Ouch, someone please come and take this dagger out of my heart. The above torturous statement was uttered by a colleague of mine today. You see I have been having these crazy long shifts at work lately which basically translates into me being a walking zombie. Bottom line: I am flunking social etiquettes. I only manage to nod a hello once in a while to people and if I have had at least 3 mugs of caffeine kick, a faint “mornin” finds its way out of me.

The dude’s question has got me thinking; how do I spend my 86400 seconds in a day? Most days around 40% of it is somehow related to work, 30% sleep, 15% surfing the net and TV, 15% staring into space. Pathetic (pat on my back).

Gotta turn over a new leaf. (heemmmm)

I guess I have to start working on my New Year’s resolution. So far I got 2:

  1. I will learn a new skill before April (dunno what yet)
  2. I will turn my love of photography into a serious hobby (dunno how yet)

4 thoughts on “How do you spend your 86400 seconds?

  1. Really 86400 sec a day ? Gosh ! i’m wasting one too many …Gotta be productive now onwards !

  2. oops ! this a old post [ but i’m glad i read it ] ….But my google reader showed it as a new post …he he .. really google reader sucks sometimes [ it was showing you had 4 posts today ]

  3. From past experience, taking 10 seconds to ask someone how they are doing turns into 8300 seconds of listening to them bitch about how they have emotional needs that aren’t being met.

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