Something new everyday: Day 1

“So where do you wanna go?”

“Dunno, surprise me”


Yeh ‘course. Have we ever been highway cruising without music?”

“Persian, English, or Arabic?”

“Surprise me.”

So on goes the stereo and The Corrs comes on. I just recently discovered them. They are very good.

“Why hadn’t I heard of them before?”

[No answer]

Well I guess my car was done talking to me. Maybe it’s time I tried tuning in my shrink.

“Yo shrink, you there?”

“Yeh, I am here. I see you are highway cruising again.”

“Yeh, don’t feel like going home yet.”

“Wanna tell me why?”

“Nah, not now. Maybe later.”

“So why did you call?”

“Something someone said to me yesterday struck a cord. She was giving me advice. Sincere, very sincere.”

[Two minute pause]

“Well, go on.”

“I just remembered I don’t want to talk about it. Anyway, what do you think of a project I have in mind. I have decided that I am going to find at least 1 thing to do everyday that I have never ever done before.”

“Everyday you will try out something new?!!!”



“Well it doesn’t have to be anything major. Knowing myself I would probably try a new food or something.”

“So what did you do today that you have never done before?”

“I had a Malteser ice cream.”

[No comment]


3 thoughts on “Something new everyday: Day 1

  1. Hehehe so i’m not alone having one-sided conversations 😛

    The other day I had a long argument with a guy in a cafe and everyone was staring and clapping when I won (all in my head) 😛

    Try this: get in the passenger seat and let someone drive very fast, then stick your legs out of the window, very liberating 😛

  2. Elijah: I think I heard that conversation (in the cafe) too. Were you podcasting the stuff in your head 😀

    Judging from this post
    I would suggest you try keeping both legs inside the car from now on 😀

    Criticizer: I was one until about 5 years ago. I don’t remember why I lost interest….oh yeah the Iranian national team kept making an @$$ out of itself.

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