A lesson from Rumi

No, seriously what’s with us Iranians and poetry. Why is it that all Iranians over 30 years old feel they are compelled to say this sentence somewhere in any sort of conversation they are having:

“As [name of poet] says,

“Blaaaaa blaaaaaa blaaaaa blaa Blaaaaa blaaaaaa blaaaaa blaa”

Am I the only Iranian born without the innate ability to understand poetry? What bugs me most is that even illiterate Iranians can not only recite at least 100 different verses by heart, but they can even write their own piece of poetic lines. WTF!!!!

Do I sound upset? GDI, of course I am. Why? Coz I feel so stupid around them that’s why. Seriously!!

Now what has triggered all of this? Well, I received an email from a newly hired Iranian co-worker who wanted to see me regarding something. At the end of his email, instead of signing it off the same boring way we all do, he quoted some meaningful gibberish.

Well I saw him today. At the end of our conversation I had to open my big mouth and say, “By the way, I didn’t quite understand 1 or 2 parts of the poetry you wrote.”

“Which part?”


[More pause]

Finally, “Well all of it”

[Innocent smile]

“That was, “Blaaaaa………..”

Abruptly interrupted, “Yeh, what does that ‘blaa’ mean?”

So long story cut short, he explained that it meant that things in life are subjective. What one person finds sweet could be bitter to someone else. The trick is to show compassion. Love and compassion is what makes life sweet.

My next question was gonna be WTH did he send me this verse, and then I realized it was coz he wanted a favor so this was his way of making sure I didn’t decline. I had to be sweet or everything I tasted would taste poisonous!

Anyway, back to my original question: Am I the only Iranian who goes brain dead when they hear poetry? The dude then went on to say that this verse is from Mollana (aka Rumi). Now the only thing I could say to get out of seeming ignorant was:

“Yeah, that dude could dig 1 or 2 things” (areh agha mollana eey cheezahaee haleesh boud)

I could then kinda sense Rumi turning in his grave.

[Head down]

I am so ashamed.

He later on went to say that Rumi’s poetry is very soothing for him. Whenever he wants answers to life’s big questions he turns to the old master.

I said:

“I get my answers from Tom and Jerry…well when I was a kid I mean…not now…definitely not now…nooooooo sireeey…honest”

The poor dude was such a good sport. He said,

“Tom and Jerry is your sweet. Whatever makes us happy”


2 thoughts on “A lesson from Rumi

  1. LOL! DOn’t worry, you’re not the only stupid one around! 😛

    I have to get people explaining the Arabic poetry too.

    I get my quotes from songs 😦

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