My Resolution for 2007

So I am getting ready to say goodbye to the old me of 2006 and hello to the new me of 2007. As I was thinking of what should my New Year’s Resolution be for this year I receive a text message from someone I have not heard from in 11 months. His New Year wish was simply: May God bring you Joy.

Hmmmmm, so how do I achieve that—joy?

So after endless hours of roaming about and exerting a lot of effort I came up with the following list for 2007:

  1. I will make my camera an extension of my arm
  2. I will establish a personal tradition
  3. I will listen and pay more respect to my body
  4. I will start the cancerous act of smoking
  5. I will read at least one fictional book every 6 months
  6. I will not play hide and seek every time I run into someone I know
  7. I will only spend 2 hours a day surfing the net
  8. I will stop forwarding emails to friends and actually start writing personal ones
  9. I will reduce my various personas to only two
  10. I will make the time to take Arabic courses and will put my foot down if my manager wants to give me any shift that coincides with my Arabic classes

6 thoughts on “My Resolution for 2007

  1. LOL…yeah they do don’t they? Didn’t realize it. My next posts will explain why I have made these resolutions; maybe my explanations will make me sound less lunatic 😉

  2. Don’t start smoking, I was stupid at 19 and started, what does that make you when you start at this age?? I’m not saying ur old!!! But I’m implying ur stupid to start now ;P

  3. Tantalize:

    True, true, definitely true about me. That’s why I camr up with a list of things I love to indulge in doing anyway. Oh and I LOVE your blog.

    But I got a plan. Will post about it soon.

    Thanks and extra heartfelt thanks for your concern. You would be happy to know that today I threw away the pack with 15 cigs still in it. I am not sure, but i think there are 20 so I guess I only smoked 5 in one week (4 in 3 hours and one–well actually half–today)

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