My little drive on the road to insanity

Me for the past 2 months:

I am in love with life; can’t take my eyes off the serenity of the blue sky, stand in awe at the purity of humanity, and can only see greatness in the people around me. Then for no apparent conscious reason my mantra becomes: Life sucks; a reoccurring day dream of mine is to roll several times over people who piss me off—basically those who crossed my path–with a road roller.

I realized I was a thread step away from insanity when I started having a fist fight with the stereo of my car and when I got tired of that, I grabbed the tape flung the door open, threw the tape on dry asphalt of an unfamiliar ‘interstate’ highway and then furiously pounded on it with the heel.

Well that was my wake up call. Okay, granted I did have a long history of a love-hate relationship with my car, but the image of me being on unfamiliar road in the middle of no where was more than I can comprehend: Time for a change.

So I set off to analysis myself, find out what makes me tick and how to take that little drive on the road to happiness.

Result of my therapy session: My New Year Resolution list


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