Mirror into my psyche: photography (part 1)

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to reduce my many persona into just two. Now to do this daunting task I really have to get dig deep into my subconscious. Today, during one of my beach-stroll monologues, it suddenly dawned on me that the kind of pictures I take can easily shed some light into who I am.

Here are some of things my camera has taught me:


I tend to see the big picture rather than details

Today I saw a coworker I had not seen in 2 weeks; greeted her; had our usually small talk; smiled; nodded at the right moments. So that was a great conversation I thought to myself. Just as I was about to skip back to my desk, she asked me if I liked her hijab.

“Yeah, you changed the style, huh?”

She just stared at me, jaw wide open and finally it came out: “I have never worn any kind of hijab. For the New Islamic Year’s Resolution I vowed to start wearing the hijab. Today is my first day.”

Smack myself on the head. Huh!!!! She was right. HTH did I not notice it?
Well I guess it’s coz I tend to see the garden not the petals on an individual flower; the fountain not the water droplets; the whole flock of birds not the feather on one of them; the shirt not the buttons; the face not the color of the window to the soul; the playing field not the grass blades; the….I guess you got the idea.

A few days ago, a friend sent me a link on how to take great shots. One tip was to zoom in on an object. She herself took a beautiful picture of the dancing water droplets of a fountain in Marnia Mall. I think you can even see her own reflection in one of the droplets; the whole picture is very magical, simply bewitching. Now moi, I hardly even noticed the whole fountain; I don’t know the color of any of my friends’ eyes; can’t remember the shape or color of most of my clothing.

Here are some of my pitiful attempts at trying to notice the smaller things in life.

Zooming in:

Palm tree leaves (Shewikh)

Same tree without flash

Footprints in the sand

Mini Garden

Crack in the sidewalk

Dent in my car



11 thoughts on “Mirror into my psyche: photography (part 1)

  1. the fountain not the water droplets

    Yeah right !!!

    i bet u you didn’t notice because she is not hot hehehe

  2. Shame shame shame @ Hijab?

    I only got to see the first two pics ‘the palm tree’ and they are BEAUTIFUL! keep it up!

  3. ali: hard to believe i am that dumb huh? Well a few days ago i tried to log into my account using another pc and i couldn’t remember if my OWN user name was droplet or droplets (raising eyebrows). Now do you believe me? 😀

    elijah: I know, I know. But you know what, i guess it’s coz she is religious so maybe I always pictured her in a hijab anyway 😉 Does this get me off the hook?

    Thanks for the compliments. I haven’t posted the other pictures coz they didn’t turn out ok. I’ve taken several other shots in teh past week but none of them were in focus. I guess I just have to accept the fact that I can’t see details.

    UPDATE: I just added a pic of the footprints in the sand.

  4. Funny you say that since I tend to see the big picture more and details less.

    For example, in a classroom, after a while the teacher turned his back to the class and asked,” Am I wearing a tie?” Telling you the truth, I didn’t remember. I was like,” Is he?”. on the other hand, some even remembered his tie’s color and so, in details.

  5. Of Course I have some left.
    Nice blog!
    & BTW, I never keep my resoloutions! Last year I decided I would drop out of this job & find me another! I found a lot of better ones but I’m still in the same place.
    Funny, I never notice change in people either. My highschool best friend had balck eyes & she started wearing green contacts, & guess what? After a year, one day I told her… “you have changed… dont you?” She said: “Yeah, I;m not wearing my green contacts today” & I was like: “Duh!!! Were u wearing contacts?”

  6. maria: finally someone who is exactly like me (yeaaahhhhhh). I wouldn’t have even noticed the color of his shirt.

    proshat: LOL @ the job thing. I am in the exact same situation right now; everyday i tell myself i would hand in my resignation first thing tomorrow morning 😀
    I found out the eye color of one of my best friend’s just last week…and only coz she told me 🙂

  7. Sweetd: Then why aren’t you? Serious, grab a camera and get out shooting. I just bought a new baby, a Lumix FZ-50. You should the world it is showing me.

  8. Love Love Love that first photo, palm leaf with flash . . . they look like fairy dancer legs, so thin and airy and graceful! Love it!

    Charge those batteries! I want to see more photos!

  9. ana filibini: hey just notice yr comment..thanks

    intlxpatr: d prob is not the batteries; i still don’t know how to use the new camera 😦

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