Cheat notes to God’s signs

“In order to find the treasure, you will have to follow the omens. God has prepared a path for everyone to follow. You just have to read the omens that he left for you.” The Alchemist

Why, oh why, oh why, couldn’t God have sent down a manual to decipher his language? …hold on…scratch that…I don’t read manuals. So what I mumbling about? …oh yeah, God, why can’t you send easier puzzles? I mean, come on, you know me. I cheat when it comes to solving puzzles…hold on…I think I got what I am whining about…I want the cheat notes to God’s signs.

Background to the story

So I was in the mood to socialize a little bit and though I could use the break. I went to visit my old co-workers. Greetings, air kisses, and some oohhs and aaahhs later I was told that with such enthusiasm that an Iranian student has just registered called *******. WTF, that’s my name!!!! I am the only ******* in Kuwait. I take pride in that. I love the facial expression I get when people ask me for my name. I even have a little speech prepared when they asked me for the meaning. (I had to drop that little speech coz it was entirely true.) So now here comes along this little @#$% good for nothing #$%^@ and snatches this pride right out of my head.

Well, at least I still have my last name to be proud of.

Come home, prepared made a pitiful attempt to prepare myself a cool Lebanese tea (I think I over boiled it) and logged onto the world of WWW. So, in I type the 7 letters of my name—which is no longer unique in Kuwait, sniff, sniff—in yahoo messenger. Hmmm, shoo hada? (what’s this?) Someone had requested to add me as a friend. Do I know him? Nope, don’t think so. Let me check his profile. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His last name is *********. That’s my $%^^&ing last name.

OK, God, what’s the deal? Obviously you are trying to send me some kind of message here. What is it?

a. I am not unique

b. I am not alone

c. This is just a test to see if I can spot out your signs. You would send your real messages later on.


4 thoughts on “Cheat notes to God’s signs

  1. in a world of 6 billion ppl, ur bound to find one person that has the same name
    its nt that bad, im sure u have other qualities that make u unique

  2. Move to Africa, I’m sure you won’t find anyone with the same name there, or even better, go to China xD

  3. Jason: might just do so

    eshdawa: but this was my first name and last name on the same day *sniff, sniff*

    elijah: i already know someone in china with my first name

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