Should I sign the pledge?

There is one basic need that since the kick off of the human race, people have sacrificed their lives for it, endured indescribable torture for it; in short altered their life path and happiness for it. Fortunately I was born into a family that granted me this need without any sort of struggle. I am grateful, glad, but also extremely tired of it. I want it no more. I am even willing to sign a contract with the devil pledging not to exercise this basic right anymore.

“I hereby pledge to give up my freedom of choice.”

Yep, freedom of choice. Every single step in life is a choice; at every turn there’s a fork. And once you decide to take a certain path, you whole book of life changes. One pathway leads you to a series of completely other paths. So many times I’ve asked myself if that day I had decided to take the other turn, where would I be now? What kind of options would have been laid upon me?

Unfortunately, thanks to the personality bestowed upon me, I am the kind of person who has to study every single option thoroughly before making a decision. Do what your gut tells you to do, is not built in my program. Well, it is tiring. I am done with thinking. With all due respect and apology to all the prisoners of conscious in this world, I for one do not want to have freedom of choice any more.

So I now put my fate into the hands of…well fate. I will no longer think. I will read my horoscope and do what it tells me to do.

Here’s my horoscope for today:
Daily Overview for April 04, 2007
Provided by

If you can’t make a decision today, then you are not meant to make a decision today.

And this one for tomorrow

Daily Overview for April 05, 2007
Provided by


Avoid anything that you’re unsure of, especially legal or contractual commitments.

WTF!!!! This weekend I was supposed to sign a contract.

Hold on a sec……

[5 minutes later]

I called and cancelled 😉 If my horoscope tells me not to, I won’t.

I went to check my email and saw this:

Hahaha, I think it’s a sign.

And then I see this:

“As human beings, we are endowed with freedom of choice, and we cannot shuffle off our responsibility upon the shoulders of God or nature. We must shoulder it ourselves. It is our responsibility.”

Back to square one, should I sign the pledge to give up my freedom of choice?


13 thoughts on “Should I sign the pledge?

  1. i’d go with the ‘if youre unsure dont do it’ thingy.

    its easier to kick yourself for not doing something than have everyone else kick you for doing something silly 😛

  2. Yeah, but it’s easier for me to kick someone else for giving me bad advice 😛 .So i would like other people to make decisions for me from now on 😉

    Anyway, regarding this particular decision, a friend is sorting things out so the final decision would be easier for me to make

  3. 🙂 umm I guess you have to balance between what your mind tell you and what your emotions tell you..its all about being reasonable. and no matter what you do choice is something unavoidable from choosing a cheesecake to choosing a name for your child! 😛 do not let you’re horiscope choose a name 😛 bad idea!

  4. Hello!

    Thanks wayed 3l comment. I am gonna add your blog’s link in my links section at my blog so I’ll check on your blog =)

    Wallah ma adri what to tell you! This horoscopes thing is so confusing I stop believing in ’em then see the newspaper the next day and I’m like, “DAMN! It happened. They were right!”

    And I believe in them again and if what they write does not happen, I just don’t believe again. lol

    But seriously! I don’t believe in them at all. ;P

  5. a good point… i sometimes feel as if it would be better to live in a dictatorship… then again, perhaps not. so what’s your decision, finally???
    ps: like name of your blog. but why did you choose it???

  6. Horoscopes are mambo jumbo talk. You might be tired of thinking and I know it’s hard but at least you have that privilege. If you are tired of making hard decisions, confined in someone to help you decide that’s what I always do, but make sure it’s someone you trust!

    And if all else fails, cut up small pieces of paper and write on some of them, “do it” and on some others “don’t do it”, fold them all up and put them all in a small bowl and then think about what you want to make a decision about and then chose one of the papers to see what you get 🙂

    Or صلي صلاة الاستخارة

  7. vanity: I don’t believe in them either, but I am just tired of making my own decisions.

    CLEZEVRA VERDEZEL: I put the ball in someone else’s court 😉

    The day I was thinking of what to name by blog, I asked myself what do I find so beautiful and inspirational in this world. Later on that day, I saw 3 drops of dew on a leaf near the beach. It was a cold winter morning so seeing this was a rare sight here in Kuwait. So I decided to call it magical droplets (magical is one of my favorite words)

  8. illusion: yeah, i know, i don;t believe in horoscopes either. A trusted friend is helping me out. Thanks for that small paper in bowl idea 😉

  9. As salaam alaikum.

    I am a Canadian Muslim writer — I just happened to surf onto your site today.

    Come by my blog insha’Allah if you have an interest in poetry, reflections, fiction etc…

    Ma’as salaama,

    nuh ibn

  10. Good to read you were having fun with them Magical. I, also, do not believe in horoscopes or such. I remember moons ago I did though.

  11. Trust in God , believe in your instinct, and faith in your wisdom.. and an extra effort to use more brain power… things should work out fine…

  12. hey, thanks for reading my blog. there’s no newspaper article, i just meant the actual newspaper.
    anyway, when are you goinng to write something next?

  13. Nuh: Liked your blog

    Maria: Nope i am still a skeptic in supernatural concepts. I just check my horoscopes everyday coz i like the advice they gave.

    Happy wolf: I have a great trust in God; got no instincts 😉 got no wisdom, and am brunt out can’t think any more.

    CLEZEVRA VERDEZEL: u r welcome 😀

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