Still in that mood


16 thoughts on “Still in that mood

  1. guuurl you love drama ,, cut it out and splash a big bad smile on your face.

    And as for you not having a thing to hold on to. You are so mistaken.

  2. I love the photo on the right with the sparkler! Do you know the photographer? It is awesome!

  3. here here…

    although that not only happens when we give in to what people want and not what you want. To get back to the happy place you have to realize what it is what you want and not what other people want.

  4. check out, human metric on google, when you understand who you are you start taking the right steps towards what your REAL goals are, nice pic too

  5. so true
    but when you realize that you don’t know yourself that is the beginning of the greatest journey ever!

  6. You are invited to play a game:
    Name 5 of your dreams & then ask 5 people to do so.
    Read my dreams in my persianblogspot:

  7. But I do think that we DO indeed understand ourselves, but sometime we don’t like what we see.
    It’s a game we play and think that we don’t know ourselves.

    Great blog!

  8. proshat: pic or quote?

    bb: I read yr comment a few days ago and honestly did splash a smile on my face. Thanks for the positive energy

    intlxpatr: This is sooo spooky coz only a few days ago i told myself i gotta remove that pic, then 2 people say they like it.

    photographer!!! hahaha the idiot who took that pic didn’t know what she was doing. she had recently bought a new camera, too lazy to read the manual. She doesn’t know the difference between the Automatic mood on her camera and the Apenture. So that pic turned out like that by accident. I’m not sure of her name, but she goes by the blog and flickr name of ‘magical droplets’ 😛

    Thanks dearest for the compliment

    Cixousian Panic: the problem is that stm you don’t know what you want. You have worn that mask for so long, you don;t remember your real face.

    fayoraa: i saw this poster at the right time in my life. Any other time, it would have not made sense.

    Ana Filibini: i now believe that it is not that difficult to find that inner peace

    Qaiss:thanks for ‘human metric’. Will be doing some reading on this topic.

    solar alchemist: i believe the whole purpose of life is to take this journey

    proshat: yeaaa my first tag.

    mariamusic and Chica Bonita Q8: have you taken the journey?

    frieda: true. i myself am great at blocking certain thoughts. I don;t deal with them, don’t try to understand them; which is why i sometimes do things that baffles me. i have now began to question certain actions and dig deep into my psyche.

    But is there a one true self?

  9. yes! there is one “true self” and at the end WE all have the same core. we do have god divinity inside us but have blocked it with layers and layers of learned behaviors, imposed so called “values” and on and one.

  10. frieda: OMG it’s you. I love your site. I check it regularly as a moral booster.

    Now i’m trying to learn how to shred these layers one by one.

    Thanks for your lively energy.

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