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A. Four Jobs I Have Had

1. Kish Language Institute in Tehran

…I don’t even know where to begin to describe this place: The nostalgic atmosphere? The Persian Garden in the backyard? The air laden with sweet smell of Jasmine? The corridors alive with the laughter and inquisitive minds of the students? Or that staff room? Aaahh yeah that staff room. Now that’s a scene from my life I cherish.

Picture it if you will: The bell rings, 20 or so buzzing Iranian English Instructor wearing mostly a black manteau with black magna’e (loose over coat and hijab) trickle into the room with a red Panasonic tape recorder swung over their shoulders. Like an orchestrated symphony, one by one they sink into one of the couches, pick up a freshly brewed tea with one hand and a sagh-e-tallaee (Digestive biscuits) with the other, take a deep breath and the yakking commences in this order à a class incident, current events, politics, social lives, in-laws, art exhibition, a charity function and of course the gap between each topic is filled with an appetizing dirty joke 😀

And yes, we did all talk at the same time; yep it was ‘The View’ multiply by 5!!!

2. A training company in Kuwait

My 4 years and 3 months at this company can best be described as a marriage. My direct manager at that time stared straight into my eyes on my first day and said, “We don’t usually hire people like you (meaning coz I wasn’t a native speaker of English) but the HR manger insisted. So, what to do?”

So basically my ‘mother-in-law’ thought I wasn’t good enough for her ‘son’.

Needless to say that that sentence instilled in me a strong will to prove her wrong…and I did…in no time…I was promoted twice in less than 3 years…but it cost me…cost me a drainage of energy…cost me the innate need to laugh freely out loud…cost me my protective blanket of naivety.

The emotional rollercoaster ride I went through in these 4 years is another story, another post.

3. A start-up training center

I got an amicable divorce from my previous job on a Wednesday and started this new one on the following Saturday. I took this job coz I had grown as far as I could in my industry in my previous job but with this job I could learn the business side of how a company starts off from scratch. Alas, unfortunately the person I was counting on to show me the ropes resigned L. Now I got no mentor. So I’m planning to pack my bags and sayonara out of here as well…but this time I’ll wait till I find a job first 😀

4. Fourth time round is a charm

I’m putting my magical thinking powers to work on getting this job. Come on, come on, you stupid phone; ring, ring, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg.

B. Four Movies I Watched Over and Over

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Why do I love this film so much?!!! Maybe it’s coz I can relate to almost every single line or scene. Some similarities:

In the film My culture
Greek this, Greek that Persian this, Persian that
Nick, Nick, Nick Alireza, Alireza, Alireza
Windex does miracles Ab ghand does miracles
A quite dinner = at least 20 relatives ditto

2. The Others

I don’t know why this film strikes a cord with me. Is it coz she managed to alter reality by vehemently denying the bitterness of the truth? Reality can be altered?

3. From Karkheh to Rhein

This is the very first film I saw when I moved to Iran. That scene where he has a monologue with God and screams out, “Why now, why here?” is simply unforgettable.

4. Life is beautiful

I simply have the utmost respect and admiration for a father who in the midst of adversity, torture, and ugliness of human behavior makes it his life mission to alter reality for his son.

5. The Color of Paradise

A blind boy’s quest for love…the love of God. This film is purely spiritual.

6. Forrest Gump

Ok, I know I’m only already over the limit of 4 films. But come on, who doesn’t love Forrest Gump?!!

C. Four Places I Have Lived

1. Kuwait

2. Montreal

3. Toronto

4. Tehran

D. Four TV Shows I Like to Watch

1. Boston Legal

2. CSI (all of them)

3. Most sitcoms: F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Everybody Hates Chris, According to Jim, etc

4. 24

E. Four Places I Have Been on Vacation

1. England, Italy, Spain, and France (as a kid; if it weren’t for the pics I wouldn’t remember going there)

2. Iranian Cities: Isfahan, Shiraz, Ardabil, Sare’an, Kurdistan, Kermanshah

3. Kish Island south of Iran

4. And of course almost every single town in Shomal

F. Four of my Favorite Foods

1. Ghormeh sabzee

2. Khooresht Fesenjan

3. Ash-e-sabzee (with kashk)

4. Ice cream

G. Four Places I would rather be Right Now

1. In bed

2. Walking on the beach (too hot now, otherwise I would go now!!)

3. Somewhere on the foggy road to FiroozKooh with clouds at my eye level

4. Sleeping on waves any where in the world

H. Four People who will Answer this Tag

1. Mariamusic

2. Proshat

3. Anyone who loves tags

4. Anyone else who loves tags


Also from AWARE

Are you a keen photographer?
Would you like to see your work on public display?
Would like to win fabulous prizes?
Just sign up for the Photography Competition and submit, up 3 entries, your best photo.

The competition is open to all amateurs’ photographers in Kuwait.

“Kuwait Through Your Eyes”
Pickup your camera and take pictures about Kuwait landscape, nature, architecture, or culture.
Let your creative juices flow wildly!

The competition will run from 1st May to 27th 2007 inclusive and will be followed by an exhibition at The Theater of National Council for Culture, Arts, and Ethic.

1st Prize 300 KD, 2nd Prize 150 KD, 3rd Prize 100 KD and valuable prizes for 4th and 5th places

Format of photographs
Photographs must be entered as a print in the following formats:

40 cm x 30 cm or 45 cm x 30 cm.
Photographs should be window mounted on black or dark board.
All entries must be supplied on a CD, clearly marked with the entrant’s name, address, contact phone number and description of entry

Email entries will not be accepted.

Any photographs entered need to be submitted with the ‘submission form’. Photographs will not be accepted without the official submission form. Please submit entries to:
AWARE Center
Al-Surra Street, Block 3, Villa 84
Deadline for Submission 12:00 NOON on May 27, 2007

Please Click here to DOWNLOAD the FORM

AWARE: Lecture-Kuwaiti Women & the National Assembly 2010


Lecture: Kuwaiti Women & the National Assembly 2010.

Date: Wednesday 23rd May.

Speakers: Dr Khadijah A. Mahameed, Dr Lubna Al-Kazi, Dr Rola Dashti.

Time: 7 p.m.

Kuwaiti Women gained the right to vote and stand as candidates for the National Assembly on 16th May 2005. The first election in which they were eligible to participate was in the summer of 2006. A large percentage of women voted but unfortunately no lady managed to win a seat. These 3 prominent Kuwaiti women will address the following points:

*Whether Kuwaiti women will win seats in the 2010 election or will they still need more years before suceeding.

* The main dificulties female candidates are facing in Kuwait.

* How to empower Kuwaiti women to practice their political rights.

Oh, what fools these mortals are!!

Oh boy, what have I got myself trapped into. It’s a vicious cycle.

Flashback to 5 months ago:

Weekdays: Get out of bed around 7 am. Be at work around 7:45. Get back home around 10:00 pm. (Had a 2 hour lunch break in between)

Weekends: Nag about my social life—or the lack of it

Flashback to 4 months ago:

I see the signs, I hear the rumors. It’s gonna end. My department is gonna close down soon.

Finally I can get my social life back to order.

Soon my working hours were cut back to a humanitarian level of 8!!

Me, happy and bouncy. I finally got around to seeing Kuwait during the day time on a weekday.

Flashback to 3 months ago:

Gradually my working hours is reduced to zero. Yep, for more than 1 month I had no classes, no projects, no presentations, and no proposals to write. As my workload was reduced, my depression grew.

Oh, idle, idle mind.

An idle mind is a dangerous thing.

I felt unwanted, useless, and unchallenged.

With a lot of time on my hands, I started to over analysis everything, pick on people, be more sensitive than usual. But one thing I was not, was moody. I only had 1 mood I wanted to be left alone.

And so I resigned. Without even searching for a new job first, let alone finding one. I didn’t care. I just had to get out of that environment.

Present day

I started my new job 3 weeks ago. I work here 8 hours a day, but I still go to my old company to finish off some classes in the evening for 3 hours. So I now work 11 hours a day again.

And I am happy.

And I laugh again

I miss my own laughter.

So if I work a lot, I nag; if I don’t, I become depressed. Am I fool? Maybe, but a happy fool 😀

PS. I am posting this in the middle of the day coz I finished a presentation a week before my deadline. And it’s too hot to go out so I thought I would blog away….

Kuwaiti film: Bas ya bahaar at AWARE

Taken from AWARE site:

This Wednesday, May 9, 2007, the AWARE Center will be showing the Kuwaiti film, “Bas ya bahaar“. It is a story about a mother who only has one son. Set in the past when all the young men would go to sea this mother prevented her son from going for fear of losing him. Eventually he does go to sea, diving for pearls. This film covers a lot of traditional Kuwaiti culture and gives an insight into Kuwaits past. Come along to enjoy not only the film but to experience Kuwaiti culture as well as gain a better understanding of how the Kuwaitis lived up to and including the first half of the 20th century.

This film gained international attention, won several awards abroad and has been described as a small master piece in its own right.

Come and enjoy it for it is sure to keep you gripped in your seat!”

Film: “Bas ya bahaar” (Arabic with English subtitles)

Date: Wednesday 9th May

Time: 7 p.m.

Admission: Free