AWARE: Lecture-Kuwaiti Women & the National Assembly 2010


Lecture: Kuwaiti Women & the National Assembly 2010.

Date: Wednesday 23rd May.

Speakers: Dr Khadijah A. Mahameed, Dr Lubna Al-Kazi, Dr Rola Dashti.

Time: 7 p.m.

Kuwaiti Women gained the right to vote and stand as candidates for the National Assembly on 16th May 2005. The first election in which they were eligible to participate was in the summer of 2006. A large percentage of women voted but unfortunately no lady managed to win a seat. These 3 prominent Kuwaiti women will address the following points:

*Whether Kuwaiti women will win seats in the 2010 election or will they still need more years before suceeding.

* The main dificulties female candidates are facing in Kuwait.

* How to empower Kuwaiti women to practice their political rights.


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