"Educating Rita" at KLT

Kuwait Little Theater will be staging the play “Educating Rita” from June 5th to 7th.

Rita, a witty, 26-year-old working class British hairdresser, decides to seek an education at Open University. Needing a tutor she selects Dr. Frank Bryant, an college literature professor whose life is a shambles. Bryant’s domestic turmoil is mirrored by Rita’s, as she has opted for college over motherhood, a source of friction between her and her husband.

As Rita blooms intellectually under the tutelage of Bryant, she realizes that what she really lacks is self-confidence, not education, and a gentle romance blossoms between her and Bryant. At home, however, Rita’s newfound self-respect and intelligence cause her even greater pain.

Willy Russell’s classic comedy drama is coming to the KLT in May starring Nevil Hampton as Frank and Kirsty McDonagh as Rita. Director, Bob Pateman makes his directorial debut with the KLT but is a veteran of expat theatres around the world. His thespian loves are writing, directing and acting in that order. Educating Rita is particularly appropriate, as Bob just graduated with a Master degree in history from the Open University.


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