Top ten reasons why I joined a gym

10. I love having lockers. I haven’t had one since high school

9. So when people tell me, “You know, you really need to join a gym” I can say, “I have!!!”

8. I can now wear my track suits to somewhere other than my living room

7. I can now eat as much chocolate, ice cream, cake, pizza, French fries, and all the other yummy stuff without feeling guilty afterwards

6. The gym is open 24 hours, so now I finally have something to do at 3 o’clock in the morning!!

5. I can use the gym as an accessory for my iPod

4. I get to see Show Time channels on the treadmill

3. I can blame my figure on my genes (especially my aunt) instead of sloth

2. Coz of that cutie on the bench press

and the number 1 reason why i joined a gym

1. I get 15% discount on all restaurants related to the gym which includes my favorite pizza parlor, ‘Peppes Pizza’. So basically if I frequent there 5 times a week and order something around KD 10; I’ll be saving KD 7.5 every week. So by the end of 38 weeks I would have made up my membership fee


10 thoughts on “Top ten reasons why I joined a gym

  1. you’re going to the gym to eat junk food? my my i’m trying to image the amount of GREASE *shudders*. Well at least if you’re going to the restaurants please order salads or somethin ;p

    oh yeah, & good 4 u ;D

  2. Dying laughing. I do water aerobics so I can eat Ceasar salads, which have like 18x the number of calories that I burn, LLLLLOOOLLLLLLL!

  3. Ehmm… Discount on Pizza… I’ll join any gym in a minute if they offer me discount on my pizza! WOW!

  4. haha, funny and interesting! Reason number 7 and number 1 were really reasonable! lolz

  5. frieda: actually i only joined coz i wanted to add spice to my life

    enigma: honestly i only have junk food once a month 😦 Thanks 4 d advice though

    intlxpatr: water aerobics huh? Now that’s sth i would like to try, hmmm?

    diigmaa: welcome 😀

    proshat: i just find out, they don’t 😦

    rieaane: l could change my whole bedroom to lockers 😀

  6. Welcome to the jungle gym! Discount in a pizza place for joining a gym is a smart marketing strategy. Hahaha. You’re so right about the 3 a.m thing.

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