There are no dead ends in life

You reach a dead end in life. Can’t turn left; can’t turn right. What do you do? What do you do?

What did I do?

For a while–nothing. I stood still. What could I do? Where could I go? I was stuck. It was solitary confinement.

Every once in while, a glance was shot to the right…got bored, then to the left…got bored. Looked up…screamed…got tired of screaming..dropped to the ground…took the fetus position and rocked myself to my comfront zone.

…until that moment. That pivotal moment. The moment the winds of turmoil twirled me around and showed me another path.

How could I have not seen it?

There are no dead ends in life.

There was a way.

Backwards…reverse…go back along the path you came.

So I walked.

I’ve been walking a couple of months now.

How far should I go? How far do I want to go? Where do I want to go? Where do i want to reach?

Where?….To the home of tranquility…serenity…happiness.

I was there once. I had the address. But it was far. Last time I lived there was over 25 years ago. Yes, the place I needed to go was my childhood self. I had to get in touch with her again. She was peaceful, she was serene. She was in love. In love with the world. In love with her surroundings. In love with…well…with herself.


8 thoughts on “There are no dead ends in life

  1. You said it right , When you think the end of the road God says BE STILL because He is preparing a better way .I’ve been there many times….

  2. I just… wow… That’s exactly where I had been… a dead end! Then, it happened… A door opened out of nowhere… right at the moment I thought I’d give up & let go… where I was about to admit the fight was over… then at first a beam of light came in… then it grow to a window & I started walking agian… back to the place I was… with a new insight…

  3. Moral of the story: Never give up! Ever.!. Unfortunately not all of us have the capacity, ability and the opportunity to go back. There’s just too much at stake. Now what do we do? We leave ourselves to faith and Fate. Will that help us? Or should we claw our way out of the wall?! 🙂

  4. If you can’t turn right and can’t turn left, just stand still and look up becasue Someone up there will guide you the right thing…

  5. Great post and so authetic sharing. You are right, there is not dead end in life and the “solitary confinement” is in our mind. It does not have a physical location, it’s man made, and our own creations.

    You can fly as far as your FEAR lets you. Push aside your fears, you can be as divine as Jesus or Buddah.

    Live your life FUllY! that’s what God created us for.

  6. happy wolf: I hope fromnow on, I never forget that there’s always a way out.

    proshat: beautifully written proshat.

    ana filibni: Clawing our way ot of the wall would make us stronger. But I don’t want to physcially go back; it’s the mental tranquility of my childhood self that I miss. I want to get back in touch with my inner child.

    fayoora: so far i am still happy. It’s not hat things don’t happen to bug me, but I now understand the cause. I know how to deal with it without becoming agitated.

    ruby: thanks.

    rieaane: Yes, but one can only notice his presence if he is emotionally ready. He has always been there for me but only for a while i had drifted apart.

    frieda: “You can fly as far as your FEAR lets you.” Love this sentence. I am now putting my self-imposed fears aside and getting out of my comfort zone.

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