"The Road" by Googoosh

I was having a conversation with a non-Iranian friend and he mentioned he knows 1 or 2 Persian words.

“Like what?” I asked curiously.

“Well, I love the way “biya” (come) sounds.”

With raised eyebrows I asked? “Where did you hear it?”

“At the end of a Googoosh songs.”

He then scream out, “Biiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaa.”

After managing to get myself of the floor from the impact of that scream, I asked him, “How do you know Googoosh?!!!”

His what-kind-of-stupid-question-is-that face was the only answer I got.

“Do you know what the whole song is about?”

“Not really.” with a huge grin on his face.

As I sat there and crossed my fingers and prayed and sent out implicit signals not to ask me to translate it for him, I was also wondering whether the Iranian national symbol is ‘Chelo Kabab’ or ‘Googoosh’. Hmmmmm?

Anyway he was too daft to pick up my implicit plea and since I was in my not so bitchy mood, I did translate it for him.

Here’s the translation of “The Road” (Jadeh) by Googoosh

God, did not see the tears of the traveler;

He did not become attached to anyone;

He didn’t have to break free from anyone.

Man, built the road;

To get away from home;

To reach exile

The road is calling out my name;

It tells me today is the day to break free.

A small back pack full of memories is on my trembling shoulders.

From of all the good and bad people;

From all the good and bad tales;

What has remained for me but a memory?

A vague image in the dust on the window

The road has put out its arms;

It’s waiting for me to go with it.

I’m singing the bitter story of goodbye even though my lips are closed

To leave behind the memories;

All the love and all the attachment;

It’s hard but I have no choice;

The road is crying out: Coooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee

Click here to listen to the song


5 thoughts on “"The Road" by Googoosh

  1. Hey… u did a nice translation of the song! I mean even if I never heard of the song, I could totally get the message…
    Anyways, I was wondering what makes people listen to songs they dont understand? I mean I listen to Spanish, Italian & God-knows-what-other-langugue songs but I always have the English translations with me. I love to understand it fully… a song is a combination of ‘music & lyrics’.
    *hmm, have u seen the movie by the way, loved Hugh Grant!*

  2. Thanks for the translation, I’m a big fan of Googoosh and her songs, especially the old ones, i don’t know Persian but i feel the song

    btw, there is a very lovely song for her called “Otaghe Man” which means “My Room”, do you have the translation for it?

    i know that it talkes about the her country, and that there is no place like home … etc


  3. I don’t understand a work, but I love it. It has a sound like the track from the old A Man and a Woman, a french movie from a long time ago.

    And I love “the road is calling my name. . . .”

  4. proshat: I know what you mean, but sometimes it’s the melody that strikes a cord with your soul that you’re attracted to; the word would get in the way. Would you believe that stm even when i’m listening to Persian songs i don’t really pay much attention to the words.

    Which movie?

    لمياء الحالمة Welcome. Yeah me 2, I only listen to her older ones.

    Otaghe Man is from her new album. I think I have it somehwere in my collection. Gimme a few days and i’ll do the translation.

    intlxpatr: I googled that sound track; yeah you are right; sounds a bit similar.

  5. I was not familiar with this song but the translation was so nice and meaningful, I like it.

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