Changing your mindset puzzle

A while ago I had a go at this puzzle:

  • The fig shows 4 squares-A,B,C&D.
  • 1/4th of squares A,B&C is shaded.

Question 1. Divide unshaded portion of ‘A’ into TWO equal & identical parts.

Someone actually calls this a puzzle!!!. Voila la solution:


Question 2. Divide unshaded portion of ‘B’ into THREE equal & identical parts.

Hahaha, you gotta be kidding me. Am I the only genius in this world? 😀


Question 3. Divide unshaded portion of ‘C’ into FOUR equal & identical parts.

The solution is not in the form of triangles.
The solution lies in the problem itself.

Okay, now it’s beginning to get a bit tough. Hmmmm. 4 equal parts, hmmmm….ok hold on there are 2 clues:

Nope, nope. Come on think, think….not in the form of triangle huh?….come on, think, think…..come on cheat, cheat…Ok, so I gotta cheat.


Question 4. Divide ‘D’ into SEVEN equal & identical parts.

Clues :

The solution is not in the form of triangles

Ok, this time I was determined not to cheat. I put my gray brain cells to work. 10 secs…no answer…20 secs…30 secs…no answer…phone rang…had to go.

I had completely forgotten about this puzzle. A few days later, I came across it again and I went straight to the last puzzle.

I read the question again. OMG, I couldn’t answer this question before!!! I couldn’t divide an empty square into 7 equal parts!!!

Had I understood the question before? Was that why I couldn’t answer it?

Nope, I had understood it quite perfectly. The problem was that one minute I had spent answering the previous 3 questions was enough to program my mind into one line of thinking.

I can’t believe only 1 minute was enough to change my mindset!!!!

I wonder how else and to what extent my environment has influenced my reality?

oh and here’s the answer 😀


5 thoughts on “Changing your mindset puzzle

  1. I did that puzzel & I had the same problem. I did that on paper of course & my dad was the one who brought that up.
    After my failure, he told me something I never forget:
    he said when you keep doing something in the same frame, the frame becomes your second nature. You dont even notice it until one day the answer is out of that frame. But then, you might be too involved to understnad the fact & you will give up… while the answer is right infront of your eyes!

  2. intlxpatr: thanks..did it

    proshat: Your father is a very intelligent man. I’m now reading a book called ‘blink’ which raises almost the same thing

    patrick: yeao

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