Inspired by Intlxpatr

Love looking at pictures. Why? Cause they really do say a thousand words. They take you to the wildest spot in your imagination.

Love taking pictures. Why? Cause it’s therapeutic. It helps me discover who I am. When you take a picture, you force yourself to look at an image from an angle you don’t normally bend to; you see it within a frame, no foreign surrounding objects to distract your mental perception.

Unfortunately I had lost touch with Camy (my camera, lame I know, gotta come up with a new nickname for her 🙂

Well 2 days ago a post by Intlxpatr inspired me to hunt Camy down and take her out for a ride.

What I forgot was that, I hadn’t taken the time to get to know Camy well. I still don’t know how to work her button. So most of the pix I took, turned out too bright, background too blurry, moving object too fuzzy, etc. But what the heck!! I had a blast, especially at Sharq fish and vegetable market.

Thank you Intlxpatr for the push.


2 thoughts on “Inspired by Intlxpatr

  1. I love taking pictures also of the things I love, it’s one of my hobby and you are right it’s a therapeutic.

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