New Iranian Channel

Dude: So your president Nejad was on Zaandaaah channel last night and he…

Moi: Huh? Nejad was speaking Arabic? Really? How’s his Arabic?

Dude: It wasn’t in Arabic; he was speaking Farsi. Anyway, he said…

Moi: woooooo; hold on. Which channel?

Dude: Zaaandaa

Moi: …and it wasn’t translated?

Dude: It’s an Iranian channel.

Moi: Huh? No way. We get over 60 Iranian channels and none of them is called Zaaandaa. Must be new.

Dude: Noooooppppeee. It’s been around for ages.

Moi: Wacha you doing watching Iranian Channels anyway?

Dude: You want me to get you the frequency?

Moi: Yeah why not. Let’s make it 61 channels.

[2 minutes later]

Moi: You sure it wasn’t just Zaan. That means woman in Farsi.

Dude: Nope

Moi: Ahh well. I don’t know this channel either anyway

[5 minutes later]

Moi: Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Huge smile.

Moi: Was it written like this زنده?

Dude: yeah

Moi: That means ‘live’ in Farsi.

Dude: Oooooooopps

Moi: That’s so cute. Reminds me of the days when we first got a satelite dish in Tehran and I always wondered why so many Arabic channels had the same name “Mobasher” 😀 (That means ‘live’ in Arabic)


6 thoughts on “New Iranian Channel

  1. OMG!!
    Zendah isn’t a channel!!!
    Do you have any idea how many Kuwaitis believe that it’s an actual channel which was so popular to specially guys who watch exclusive soccer matches!!!
    And you are telling me that it means “Life”!!!
    I bet, 4 out every 5 guys know Zendah channel!! Even some Kuwaitis who are originated from Iran refer to it as Zendah channel!!
    It’s so funny and I’m glad that I posses the ultimate secret of the century now 🙂

  2. Thats funny lol ! anyways aren’t the Iranians planning a new 24 hour English news channel ? That’ll be real fun !

  3. touche: I know that’s what he told me ..LOL @ the ultimate secret

    happy wolf: really? didn’t know that.

  4. I was stumbled in one Iranin channel before and I like the songs featured on it, but i can’t understand 😦

  5. hehehehehehehheheheehehehe
    hehehehehehehehheheheh omg can’t stop laughing!!!

    the cultural clash is “FUNNY”!!

    The other day, I read something translated from English to Farsi;

    “The power of language”
    to the
    “The power of Tongue” I said, “that’s not “zabaan” that’s “Kalaam”.

    I’m still laughing.

  6. rieanne: u r probably talking about PMC. It mostly broadcasts songs produced in LA

    mariamusic: hahaha lost in translation

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