This Week’s Tidbit: Pinch your nose to lose weight

Ok, so the first tidbit that I am gonna apply in my life is health related. After reading this bit of tidbit, I decided to quit going to the gym and start pinching my nose every hour on the hour instead.

Pinch your nose and lose weight?

Can’t resist that piece of cake?

Try pinching your nostrils for ten seconds.

Researchers say you can curb your cravings by pinching your nose. It’s actually an ancient Chinese acupressure point.

Another benefit of pinching your nose shut, is you can’t taste anything. Because without the sense of smell, you can’t taste. And if you can’t taste, the satisfaction of whatever you’re craving disappears.


11 thoughts on “This Week’s Tidbit: Pinch your nose to lose weight

  1. umm that didnt work! made me look stupid but 3ade watever, i pinched my nose,took a sip of coffee and madre ma7asait ini i didnt taste it hhehehe

  2. I will try that also but my purpose is different………………………………………………………………………………………………… TO MAKE IT LONGER! hahah!

  3. Well, I will try that soon… But tell me, do you think it works for stress eating also? 😀
    I’m a fan of personality tests & I love to share them… some are fun & some are real… I took some amazing tests at
    maybe u should try that one too.

  4. Is that a picture of a hairy pig???

    adree not related to the topic but I couldnt figure out what kind of animal that was. or is it a cow?!

  5. eshda3wa: opps, i just remembered i 4got to pinch, D’oh

    princess: i’m not afraid of looking stupid…people in my office r used to seeing me do or say sth stupid once in a while.

    rieanne: u r right…u know what? i will just use a clothes peg all day

    grey: if it works let us know 😉

    proshat: i have an account on tickle…or had one…can’t remember my password…

    illusion: dats why i put it. I had no idea what animal it was!!!

    sara: join the nose pinching club

    il-zain: I think i’m gonna break into a song…pinch, pinch, pinch your nose lightly in the street, forgot what everyone thinks, just show us some teeth 😀

  6. Hehe… 😀 Thanks! But I forget to pinch my nose when I see food in front of me. :s

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