Word from the wise: A cell phone and the little gurls room

Ok, so as promised, here’s my first post on me being altruistic and sharing the little wisdom I gained through my personally little goofs:

It’s hot, right? So you obviously drink a lot of water, right? Ok, so you might also drink a lot of other liquid, like tea, ice tea, tea with milk, or that new addiction to mint tea that you have recently developed, right? So once your bladder is full, you gotta do the healthy thing and empty it, right? Well here’s where the advice comes:

Take your mobile phone with you to the bathroom

Trust me, getting stuck in there is no fun, no sireeeeeey, no fun at all ;p…oh and getting saved is no fun either. you get out and a thousand smirking faces greets you


9 thoughts on “Word from the wise: A cell phone and the little gurls room

  1. Oh My!
    Well… My advise:
    DO NOT take the Cell to the bathroom!
    Losing it in the bathroom is no fun either! Believe me! It comes from exprience also!

  2. And NEVER NEVER talk to someone from the bathroom – your voice is echoed loudly for anyone to hear!

    Hey, how is that pinching your nose thing working for you, MD? 😉

  3. lol seriously I agree with you.

    Here’s one little secret about me….
    if i’m having a very important conversation or if i’m watching an episode of my fav show i seriously take my LAPTOP with me to the bathroom! Connection is still excellent there! hehehe

    Years ago i used to take magazines with me.

    Cool post.

  4. eshdaw3a: if only i could figure out where to put it if i don’t have any pockets.

    grey: yep, i learnt the hard way

    proshat: LOL…now that should be an interesting story. tell, tell, tell

    rieanne: me wise, very wise

    Intlxpatr: yeah, dats the lesson i learnt today. i don’t even know why i answered the call *smack herself in the head*

    canc3rian: LOL…no way!!! Laptop to the bathroom, hahaha…hmmmm…actually not a bad idea…might try it…not bad i have kicked my internet addiction…but still sounds tempting

    as a teenager, i used to take books 😀

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