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Nagging about naggers

Hahaha. I love the ‘Too Much Coffee Comics’ coz I can totally relate to most of them. The latest one got me cracking up big time. See there’s this dude I know who does nothing but complain. No seriously, I’m not exaggerating. Every single sentence he says, is a complaint of some sort; and all I ever do is tell to get off his @$$ and do sth and to…well this cartoon says it all:

Fine…point well taken. I will stop complaining about him complaining all the time!!!!! LOL

“The Lost One” by Googoosh

I translated this song by Googoosh a few months ago when I badly wanted to return to ‘those’ days of innocence. I didn’t return, but I did connect. The connection led me to see the image in the mirror. It’s still vague, the mirror still needs polishing, but I’m beginning to make out the face staring back at me.

“The Lost One” by Googoosh


Since the days that our hearts were a lot more intimate

The days the songs of my neighbors were filled with compassion and sincerity

Since the days that Rostam* was still a Rostam for me

The days the hands of that lost one could fit into mine

Since the days, one could count the stars at night

The days one knew the names of the flowers by heart

Ever since those days, I haven’t stopped searching

For the one who got lost in those days

Since the days our pictures weren’t covered in dust

The days the canaries in our yard weren’t thinking of escape

Since the days of innocence

Those good days of playfulness

Those days of pure blue love

The days of needing nothing

Ever since those days, I haven’t stopped searching

For the one who got lost in those days

I have been counting every single moment in waiting;

It’s only for that one single moment that I’m still alive today.

For that moment that my search would be over

The moment I would find my lost one in the mirror in front of me

Ever since those days, I haven’t stopped searching

For the one who got lost in those days

*Rostam is a mythical Persian hero/general

Listen/Download song from here

Dear Mom,

Dear mom,

I’m proud, I’m so proud of you. Proud of how strong you have been in the past 5 months. Proud of how you witnessed your hair fall out strand by strand and merely cracked a joke about it. Proud of how you watched your body deteriorate day by day but still pretended you were strong. Proud of how you kept a lively spirit even though your internal organs were eating you alive. Proud of how you got through these months of chemotherapy with such grace.

Mom, I’m proud. Proud of how your smile never left your face as they rolled you into the OR even though you knew when you open your eyes next one of your breasts would be missing. Proud of how slowly yet surely you forced yourself to look at the empty space. It took 44 hours but eventually you lowered your eyes to examine your new self, your new chest—the one with only one breast.

Tell me mom, how does a woman say goodbye to a part of her body; how did you accept the parting?



PS. So glad to have you back home tomorrow.

PPS. I’ll make ‘Tah Cheen’ :) cook

Brains learn better at night

Aha!!!. I knew it. As soon as I rant about it I come across this article. I wasn’t even searching; proof just landed in my lap 😀 Hmmmm, maybe it is a sign that I should sue Mr. Daylight working hours. (Hehehe, these days I am getting on people’s nerves coz everything for me seems to be a sign. :D)

Anway, here’s an excerpt from the article that I’m gonna use in my case:

If you think that the idea of a morning person or an evening person is nonsense, then postgraduate student Martin Sale and his colleagues from the University of Adelaide have news for you. They have found that the time of day influences your brain’s ability to learn – and the human brain learns more effectively in the evening.

“Such time-of-day variations in function are not unusual. Organisms are adapted to the continual change in light and dark during a 24 hour period to avoid predators and to reproduce faster,” he says.

“For example, the petals of many flowers only open during the day, while some organisms only reproduce at night. In humans, these rhythms are governed by a variety of hormones that control many bodily functions.”

3 people I would like to sue

The easiest way to make a quick buck these days is to sue someone’s @$$ off. These 3 have recently got on my nerves:

1. The inventor of high heels

All I can say is, “OUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHH, my poor feet 😦

2. The inventor of the cross country ski machine

This $%^ing machine really knows how to boss you around: pedal faster, pedal backwards, pedal forwards, etc. And there’s no tricking it 😦 Once you stop pedaling, it stops the timer!!!!. The inventor of this machine must have been one bossy fellow!

3. The inventor of the day light working hours

Ever since I started this new job, I have bags under my eyes, I’m drowsy 24/7, I have a headache, and a headache, and a lot of headache. Why? All coz I have to get up early!!!Ok, I can understand why back in the stone ages they had to work during day time, but since Edison pulled the light bulb out of his hat, why do we have to torture ourselves by dragging our sleepy @$$ out of bed before noon.I seriously think I have valid grounds to sue the dude who enforced daylight working hours. Some people, like yours truly, just can’t do daylight hours. There must be ample psychological studies done to back me up. I’m gonna dig them up, and get me self a good lawyer. And you know what? If I win my case against this dude, maybe I could also sue the other brutal dude who made me go to school during daylight hours.

Tagged by Rieanne: 8 facts about me

I heart tags 😀 Why, you ask? Well, coz I get to talk about myself ;p …Me heart me 2.

This time it’s 8 unknown facts about me. Why only 8? You can read 50 facts about moi here.

….but here are 8 more fresh ones:

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with doing the housework. If and only if I am in the mood, I love to sing and dance in the house with a cleaning cloth in my hand that I occasional wipe over furniture. That’s my idea of doing the housework.
  2. I used to cling onto mementos for years. I just couldn’t get myself to throw anything away. Well, a month ago, I drew up the courage to throw out those boxes of memories. Some of the stuff that went out were: a t-shirt I bought in 1988, an old school telephone book (I think from 1987), some magazine/newspaper clippings and two of my old school books!!!
  3. My left leg sometimes just freezes in water which is why I haven’t gone swimming in ages.
  4. When I was around four years old I fell from the second floor.
  5. I had my appendix removed when I was eleven.
  6. I started wearing glasses when I was 11, lenses when I was 19 and had the lasik eye surgery when I was 27 (2001).
  7. I signed up for a karate class when I was about 19, gave up after 2 sessions, took Spanish classes when I was about 27, dropped out about 10 sessions, took Persian Calligraphy classes, gave up after about 20 sessions, went to a French school when I was living in Quebec, can’t remember a word of French now 😦. What I would now like to learn overnight: photography, guitar, Spanish, Flash, and Photoshop.
  8. I haven’t seen my eldest brother in almost 15 years 😦