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I heart tags 😀 Why, you ask? Well, coz I get to talk about myself ;p …Me heart me 2.

This time it’s 8 unknown facts about me. Why only 8? You can read 50 facts about moi here.

….but here are 8 more fresh ones:

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with doing the housework. If and only if I am in the mood, I love to sing and dance in the house with a cleaning cloth in my hand that I occasional wipe over furniture. That’s my idea of doing the housework.
  2. I used to cling onto mementos for years. I just couldn’t get myself to throw anything away. Well, a month ago, I drew up the courage to throw out those boxes of memories. Some of the stuff that went out were: a t-shirt I bought in 1988, an old school telephone book (I think from 1987), some magazine/newspaper clippings and two of my old school books!!!
  3. My left leg sometimes just freezes in water which is why I haven’t gone swimming in ages.
  4. When I was around four years old I fell from the second floor.
  5. I had my appendix removed when I was eleven.
  6. I started wearing glasses when I was 11, lenses when I was 19 and had the lasik eye surgery when I was 27 (2001).
  7. I signed up for a karate class when I was about 19, gave up after 2 sessions, took Spanish classes when I was about 27, dropped out about 10 sessions, took Persian Calligraphy classes, gave up after about 20 sessions, went to a French school when I was living in Quebec, can’t remember a word of French now 😦. What I would now like to learn overnight: photography, guitar, Spanish, Flash, and Photoshop.
  8. I haven’t seen my eldest brother in almost 15 years 😦

14 thoughts on “Tagged by Rieanne: 8 facts about me

  1. I have a hard time throwing memories box (or whatever they call them) away! Actually not only memories, ALOT of things. Even my own old stuff which I don’t use. I remember throwing a whole box of memories in the sea. Both of my legs freezes in water sometimes too! Talking about swimming, I don’t go swimming because I can’t swim for life. :p The sea scares me. I always get the feeling I’m gonna drown! I seriously want to learn photography but I’m looking for classes here. I can’t find any.. and I’m interested in buying a professional camera but I’m confused and I don’t know who should I ask…..

    &Sorry about you falling down 😦

  2. I couldnt help but laugh at the thought of you throwing the momento;s that must be hard to let go …… i can imgine ..

    fell of the second floor ? How many bones did you break … please blog about it …hehe !

  3. il-zain: There are photography classes at bait lothan. But i think they teacher speaks Arabic so i couldn’t go 😦 You should give them a try.

    I will send you some links for choosing a good camera.

    Thanks, i still have the scare.

    grey: Actually it wasn’t hard at all. I had learnt to let go by then. i felt light afterwards.
    I don’t even remember falling down, my parents tell me that i did. Hey maybe that’s why i have a terrible memory, coz of that fall, hmmmm?

    proshat: yeah, i miss him. He lives in LA and just recently became a dad.

    cece: I threw them away coz i didn’t want to be cluttered down with stuff anymore. It’s time i created new memories, start fresh 😀

  4. Hey Magical… long time.. and now I’m glad you posted this LOVELY post 😉


    1) I HATE HOUSEWORk (but I love the singing and dancing around lol)

    2) the clinging is cuz you’re a cancerian 😀 😀

    3) Oops @ your leg.

    4) OUCH OUCH OUCH @ falling from the 2nd floor.

    5) Appendix : Scares me.

    6)I also started wearing glasses when i was 11… I started wearing lenses when i was 18 though. Still no lasik! Do you recommend that? Everyone is pushing me into it.

    7) No karate… But I taught myself spanish when I was 16 (Almost fluent now but I really suck.. still improving). I learnt French in School… I also suck at that because I never practiced and I kept changing schools. =(… I have a guitar 😀 Learnt how to play in high school but God what did I learn? lol I’m looking for a teacher now.

    8) Awwww how come ??? I’m very close to my brothers I’m sure you miss him so much 😦

  5. Where did you take the Spanish classes? I am interested in learning but not quite sure where they offer classes here in Kuwait

  6. cancer3ian:

    1. dats the part i like as wekk 😀
    2. really? Clinging is a cancerian trait? No wonder we can’t let go.
    3. yeah, but maybe it’s time i faced my fears and went swimming, hmmm?
    4. my mom says it wasn’t the 2nd floor; my dad just likes to exaggerate ;p..but i would like to think of myself as the miracle baby 😀
    5. it hurt like [beep]
    6. if you don;t mind wearing lenses, then no i wouldn’t recommend it coz it is surgery afterall. But if lenses are giving a headache, dry eyes, … yeah go for it. it quite a simple procedure.
    7. bravo. i’m so proud of you cancer sister 😀
    8. yeah i do miss him. Long story of why.

    cece: oh, i kept quite a lot of stuff; didn’t throw everything away 😀

    rieanne: i do, but unfortunately i am very impatient and have a short attention span. But i think i am ready now.

    illusion: it wasn’t in Kuwait, sorry :(.
    But hold on, I think in Kuwait you can contact the Spanish embassy and they would tell whether any place teaches spanish.

  7. I wish I talked more about myself in the tag thing on my blog. But I figured. I ALWAYS DO! ;P~ Besides, I was kinda in a hurry. Thanks for dropping by. 😉

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