Nagging about naggers

Hahaha. I love the ‘Too Much Coffee Comics’ coz I can totally relate to most of them. The latest one got me cracking up big time. See there’s this dude I know who does nothing but complain. No seriously, I’m not exaggerating. Every single sentence he says, is a complaint of some sort; and all I ever do is tell to get off his @$$ and do sth and to…well this cartoon says it all:

Fine…point well taken. I will stop complaining about him complaining all the time!!!!! LOL


11 thoughts on “Nagging about naggers

  1. LOL! Well, he can join my club too! It’s not that I complain alot bas it’s complaining on things that deserve to be complained about! Huh! so 3adi I guess 🙂

    you vent bel blog, he vents bel kalam

  2. This comic is really enlightning XD
    I’m sure I’ll hold myself next time I feel I need to complain about someone complaining, hehe
    By the way, I love ur blog:)

  3. Absolutely everybody in the whole wide world loves to complain… (no doubt about it) just don’t overdo it or it becomes annoying.

  4. You know what, I think there will be no improvement if no one complains, right? hehe, sometimes i love to complain also 🙂

  5. chikapappi: actually venting and nagging is quite healthy…it’s just that this dude reeaaaaaaallly gets on my nerves. i mean for god’s sake say at least 1, only 1 sentence that’s not a complain!!!

    grey: you know what? i think i will pass a law that says men shouldn’t nag; only woman have the right to nag 🙂

    moonlight: no don’t hold yourself. nag, it’s good for you 😀 Thanks

    frieda: isn’t it ;p

    drama: well said. bravo…but still…men shouldn’t complain at all ;p

    ammaro: which one: the naggers or the ones who nag about the naggers? ;p

    rieanne: of course. i read that somewhere that employees who complain are actually more creative that those ‘yes-boss’ dudes.

  6. I bealieve that complaining is “healthy”…. but once the balance of norms is lost then that’s a “disease” of its own. 😉

  7. eshda3wa: most ironic comic strips are 😀

    cancerian: bravo, that’s my girl 😀 There should be moderation in everything

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