Sign or no sign

Hahaha, even the signs are telling me to stop looking for signs.

My Horoscope for today:

September 05, 2007

After many new beginnings recently, you can expect a few terminations right now.

Are you waiting for a sign before moving on with the next phase of your life (or, on a smaller scale, some new project)? You’ve definitely got the energy to go for it right now, sign or no sign.


5 thoughts on “Sign or no sign

  1. Live life as it comes ! i feel bad for the people who stand and read their ‘hororscope’ on the TV screen in front of the bathroom in Marina Mall ….

  2. come onnnnnnnnnnnn Grey! Those columns do give some kinda “hope” – false one that is 🙂

    Girl… accept things as they come to you, always use your brain BUT also – listen to your heart & do not neglect it – I wanna draft a post on how people get attached to signs 🙂 before I saw your post 😛

  3. grey: being obsessed and letting your life be dictated by them is absurd and illogical but stm these horoscopes give great advice. They usually tell you to stop procrastinating, or to give an old friend a call, or to take time out for yourself.

    chiki: I have always listen to my head and my head only. I used to mock people who beieved in the language of nature and signs. i called it “The Alchemist Cult”.

    But I went through a major change this summer. I asked God certain questions and i got his answers through signs. I began to see things a lot clearer and believe it or not kinda found inner peace.

    I guess i see signs (and by signs i don’t mean horoscopes) as the way God talks to us.

    Hey, can’t wait to read your post on being attached to signs ;p

  4. Proshat: Yeah…I only recently managed to notice them. I guess once one clears their heart of all anger their eyes open to the signs.

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