Familiar Strangers

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name…”

There was this little sandwich place I used to frequent at my old workplace; hadn’t been there for some time. I was passing by the other day and thought I would pop in to have my lunch there. As I approached, the same old smile greeted me, I took my usually table, he brought my usually sandwich, cut just the way I like, with my usual drink, and a copy of the usual paper I read. All this without either one of us exchanging a single word.

I sat there, gazing at my ‘usual’ order for sometime. I hadn’t realized that I always ordered the same thing; I hadn’t realized I always read the paper while eating. I hadn’t realized that this ‘familiar stranger’ knew my lunch routine better than myself.

Dunno why the theme song to Cheers popped into my head at that moment…followed by a smile.

How many familiar strangers do I know? How many do you know?


6 thoughts on “Familiar Strangers

  1. I get that alot too… This smile is so amazing it works miracles 🙂

    If you see a short girl smiling at you one day at some place – smile back 🙂 – it may be me

  2. Life is funny – my husband once said he wanted to live where he would be known in the neighborhood. Little did we know those neighborhoods would be in Qatar, or Kuwait, or a tiny little village in Germany.

  3. I know that feeling and it’s an amazing one. Makes you feel that you are so special
    and one of a kind hehe 🙂

  4. I go to this Shawarma place opp Marina … the moment i enter the guy start packing a chiken shawarma … just the way i want … even before i paid the cashier … will be very awkward if ever i changed my mind to eat Mutton Shawarma ….

  5. chika: Starting from 2morrow, i’ll be on the lookout for a smiling gurl 😀

    intlxpatr: life is funny in so many ways

    intlxpatr: deja vu 😀

    illusion: it’s a nice feeling to know that a stranger that u don’t even know his name knows your lunch prefernce

    grey: LOL. That’s what i thought that day. I didn’t want to order that same sandwich but the fact that he had remembered me after this long made me feel special 🙂

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