Why I had to delete my blog?

It was therapeutic.

“Magical Droplets” (my old blog) was inaugurated out of sheer boredom. It however turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen to me. Through my posts I was driven into a journey, a journey within, within my soul, a soul I had lost touched with, a soul I had despised, a pathetic soul, a soul I had to kill, a soul I eventually had to revive.

I ended up with inner peace. For the first time in my life I am comfortable with myself. For the first time in my life…..well for the first time in my life…I simply began to love myself. I can now look in the mirror without looking away.

So why did I have to destroy the ‘friend’ that led me to this inner peace? Because “Magical Droplets” was becoming toxic. It was drawing certain energies I wasn’t yet strong enough to handle. I had to protect my fragile new soul.

Pressing that delete button made me breathe a lot easier.

Of course, I never truly get rid of a great friend this easily. I owe it so much. Through Magical Droplets I got connected to vibrant people who I would like to think God send them my way to help me cross the path.

I am grateful to Magical Droplets. So I kept a copy of my old posts here. I started to visit it again last week. Going through the chronological process of my transformation brought a smile to my face. I am now stronger. I can handle any toxic vibes that may be sent my way.

And so, I will start blogging again. Let’s see what “Mirror Polisher” would bring my way…


3 thoughts on “Why I had to delete my blog?

  1. I love it. I love the new template, I love the strength you summoned to confront those vile spirits and retake your rightful place in the blog world.

    Vile spirits pester all of us. Chin up! In the long run, evil is small, and it wants to make you small, too. You just polish that mirror, and publish your thoughts. I love it that you’re back.

  2. Thanks Intlxpatr for the positive energy. Yeah, true, we all get it once in a while but I had to learn the strategy to combat them. Right now I am ready to handle anything. *Jumps into the song, “It’s a wonderful, wonderful life”

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