"The Distance"

I wrote this post on my old blog but just realized I never published it. It was in the drafts. Well, Mirror Polisher is publishing it:

I dunno why these days every time I listen to an Iranian song I automatically start translating it in my head. It forces me to go beyond the melody, relate to the words, live the story behind the lyrics so to speak.Anyway, this particular song kinda reminds me of a past conversation between my two souls:

“The Distance” by Siavash Ghomeshi

I say, “They destroyed me; they put out the lanterns of my eyes;

You say, “God is here; he would place the moon in your hands.

I say, “But that was my heart that was thrown into the mud.”

You say, “Least you have your health; the mirrors are clear and pure.”

And so this is why one can’t fill the distance with tears.

One of us is a lively spring; the other an autumn in agony.

I say, “The distance between your hand and mine is death.”

You say, “This distance is the love between us.”

“I say, “Now should I suffer or endure the pain?”

You say, It makes no difference; nothing would be lost.”

I say, “This is what you lose—a life gone can’t be re-lived.

You say, “That’s the whole story; you are but a leaf in the wind.


4 thoughts on “"The Distance"

  1. Hmmmmm…I didn’t notice the connection myself.


    [5 min later]

    I guess, kinda. Here mirrors is used to symbolizes the reflection of the truth. When he says, “the mirrors are clear and pure” he means you are not blind to the truth.

    *things again*
    Next post for ya ta explain “Mirror Polisher”

  2. Straight Questions ! What took you so long ?

    How is your mother ?

    Mirror Polisher ? OK ! i can live with that !

    Need your old posts? I got them on my reader ! i can mail it to you if you need them !

  3. grey: on vacation dude

    She is doing well, thank God. Shookraaan for asking Grey 😀

    Thanks for keeping my old posts, i exported them to another blog. Made backup 🙂

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