Students say the darndest things

After being a teacher for over 12 years, I thought I had heard it all in class. My favorite grammar error is: he-him, she-shim 😀 Of course, I believe this one is taken from a Kuwaiti play called “Bye bye London”.

Today I heard one that I for one had never heard before. We were practicing the object pronouns. I wanted them to ask me to give them what I am holding. So I held up 1 pen and a student said, “Can you give it to me?” I then held up 3 pens and she goes, “Can you give its to me?”

Well, I couldn’t really blame her, only yesterday I told her to add an “s” to most nouns to make them plural 😀


4 thoughts on “Students say the darndest things

  1. how happy to find out your new blog…I was looking for you and I thought I lost touch with you.

    Welcome back!

  2. Hey… Same here.. I thought you just disappeared and I miss your blog… Good to know you’re still here!! 😀

    About that grammatical error…. “STILL LAUGHING”!!!!

    Your students are so cute I must say!

  3. I have an Arab coleague who says months ( 1month) and months’s(2 months) …. i tried many a times to correct him ..but no use

  4. frieda: nice 2 b back 😀

    cancerian: that’s why i love being a teacher ;p

    grey: :D, heard that one as well

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