Yalla go home

It wasn’t planned or anything, and it hadn’t nothing to do with the ‘letting go’ philosophy I have recently subscribed to; it was only coz it was ok to do so. Yesterday, I let me class go a whole FIVE minutes early.

I asked a question, I received my correct answer, I smiled and uttered, “Have a nice day.”

Nobody moved!!!! They all looked at each other. Then all eyes were on me.

We had just been watching ‘Shrek’ so the phrase “put a spell on sb’ was still on the board. Abdullatif looked at the board then looked at me and said,

“Have you somebody put spell on? Before you no allow 1 second go home early!!!”

I laughed:

“Good usage of the phrase Abdullatif. Thank you. Now, yallah go home before I change my mind!!”


5 thoughts on “Yalla go home

  1. grey: no plans; guess u r right…hmmm maybe it’s time to
    *day dreams for a while*

    intlxpatr: yeah heehehe

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