Liberating Tears

Today I shed a couple of tears, silent tears, light tears, liberating tears.

Sometimes the traffic light takes longer than usual to turn green, you mind wonders, again the same old question is posed, again the long sought answer is not found.

You sigh, your head tilts slightly to the left; then all of a sudden your eyes become entrapped by what it sees.

This pic was not taken on the same day.

The side mirror reflects an image: A vast canvas of soothing blueness with strokes of whiteness brushed across the sky in message-like patterns. It talks to you. You listen. You feel the message. That feeling throws you into a whirlpool of answers.

The honking pulls you out of the whirlpool, the light has turned green. Unwilling you are torn away from that moment, the dialog is lost, your soul was snatched back by reality.

Your are lost, your are numb, you are dangling in between…in between what you don’t know? Where was your soul heading? What was it leaving behind? You don’t know. All you know is that it is ‘in-between’ and this half-way world is peaceful.


5 thoughts on “Liberating Tears

  1. Good morning, friend!

    Another friend was over for lunch this week, telling me about her adventures in Turkey, and Konya in particular. She was talking about Rumi, and his journey from Afghanistan, through Persia, wandering until he could find a home on earth to welcome his spirit and his teachings.

    And some cosmic pieces fell into place; I remembered your blog entry about the Afghahi dance that reminded me of the dancers in Konya – they are directly related!

    Woooo Hoooooooo! Don’tcha love it when pieces come together?

  2. I know this feeling well. It sprays you with a hint of nostalgia along with a feeling of “not knowing”.

    It feels amazing and yet it leaves a question mark at that very spot. Something feels incomplete…. hmm or does it?


  3. intlxpatr: 😀 😀 😀 Yep i just love that feeling. That aha feeling 😀

    Cancerian: and speaking of the devil!!! Just today i was thinking of something you said in one of your blog entries. I come to check my blog, there’s a comment from intlxpatr about pieces coming togehter and i am like..yeah just today i had that feeling and the second comment is from you!!! creepy

  4. i just experienced this feeling today .. and while i was reading .. its like i went back in time and was in that moment .. and when i reached green .. i came back to this screen infront of me ..

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