Blogger or WordPress

I’m bored stiff, so I’m gonna try something new. Every time I post sth on blogspot, I’ll also copy it here. Let me see which one of these hosts I would grow to love more D.

So far I like blogger more coz:

  1. It allows you to change the html code (on wordpress you can change it but can’t save the new template unless you upgrade)
  2. It allows you to add any widget (including all the widgets on wordpress)

I like the following features on wordpress:

  1. The tag surfer
  2. it comes with recent comment widget (though you can add that on blogger easily)


  1. I’m having trouble embedding YouTube videos on wordpress.
  2. WordPress had much better templates
  3. WordPress has recently allowed some widgets to be added

6 thoughts on “Blogger or WordPress

  1. i would use blogger! i tried out wordpress and its just there to make cash!

    blogger is free! lol i’m cheap
    ; )

    **found u through grey, so you can thank him…
    ; )

  2. grey: yeah, blogspot has arranged things a bit easier

    amu: wow, didn’t know blogspot had so many fans

    jay: *goes to thank grey* 😀

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