My journey on this foggy day

This pic is temporary; till i get off my (beep) and go out and take a pic of the fog)

When I left the house this morning and was greeted by the light morning breeze and the magical foggy weather, I knew that something uplifting will happen today.

On the car drive over to work, I heard a spiritual Hayedeh song I haven’t heard in a long time; and when I came to work I took a trip into Hamad’s World.

His world is beautiful, his world is enlightening, his world is sincere. His world is the message the morning breeze was sending me this morning.

His world is here

9 thoughts on “My journey on this foggy day

  1. amu and grey: hehehehe u 2 remind me of my bro (the one coming this tues).

    jay: thanks…most likely it would remain there coz the fog’s gone and my ass didn’t get up to take a pic:D

    Yeah, i changed a couple of templates till i decided to settle for this one a while. i like the pic in the header: lone tree

  2. rieanne: ๐Ÿ™‚

    amu: yeah, i like how bright it is. See this is why blogspot (blogger) is better than wordpress ๐Ÿ˜€

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