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Are you a Goodman Brown?

As she was talking to me, and I was conversing with her an old story started roaming somewhere in my head. I couldn’t quite place the title, character, plot, but I felt I this story was what first installed a certain belief in me.

SHE: I trusted her, she was my role model. How could she do this?

ME: Come on, you two have been friends for 10 years now. Don’t let a little dispute ruin a great friendship.

SHE: What she did affects my work reputation. The thing is that I always wanted to be like her. I looked up to her. She was the perfect example of a great manager.

ME: See that’s why you shouldn’t be friends with your manager

As that last sentence rolled off my tongue I knew there was some other point I had to make, some more important point.

SHE: No one is to be trusted anymore. Everything was a lie. Our friendship was a lie. What she taught me was a lie. I’m tired of……

ME: Hold on!! Why was it a lie? The message wasn’t wrong, the lesson she taught you wasn’t a lie; the messenger or teacher may have made a mistake. So what? We are humans, we make mistakes; but that doesn’t erase the good things we did in our past.

SHE: You don’t understand. What she did to me was the exact opposite of what she taught me.

Ahaaaa…I remember the story, I remember the plot…it was about a man who had a dream that his wife who he thought of as innocent and sinless was actually involved in satanic rituals…and…and he found out all his town folks who he also considered as puritan weren’t so pure either, as a result he loses his faith and lives miserably ever after…what was the name now…aaahhaa…I got it…the name of the short story was ‘Young Goodman Brown’. Now I remember, I read it about 12 years ago. I remember thinking to myself at that time, why would anyone put faith in a person, the message they are preaching is important, not how they live it out themselves. If the messenger errs, that doesn’t mean the message was wrong. That’s why I have never actually had a role model; I have never put my faith in any person

[5 minutes later]

…which could also explain why I have never been in love…or even close to it…but now I am going off topic…ok…back to my conversation with her…actually forget that conversation…you got the point…I told her about the story, she was still hurtand upset with her friend/manager, didn’t pay much attention to what I was saying…I wonder if she is going to end up being another Young Goodman Brown, hmmmmmmm?

If you are interested, you can read YOUNG GOODMAN BROWN here…or you can read the summary here… now I have to go and contemplate if I was right all these years in never trusting or looking up to anyone…hmmmmmmm

I ‘heart’ Dust

Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend,
Before we too into the Dust descend;
Dust into Dust, and under Dust, to lie,
Sans Wine, sans Song, sans Singer, and—sans End

Omar Khayam

Thank you Mr. Sand Storm. See I was sitting on my @$$ scratching my head wondering how I’m going to fill up the 20 min rest time I have tomorrow, when in you come and splash dust all over my room. Get up and dust you say with a smile. So thank you for being so concerned with my productiveness.

[10 minutes later]

Ok, so that was sarcastic… scratch everything I said above…me so sorry Mr Dust…didn’t mean to be sarcastic.

[10 more minutes later]

Ok, here’s the thing–on my last birthday I made a promise to myself that from now on I would always see the bright side of things, the good intention of others, the positive long term outcome of things. And I had successfully kept this promise till now that is…now that I offended Mr. Dust.

So to reprimand things, here’s my Top 10 Reasons Why Dust is a GOOD Thing:

1. When I dust, I have a lot of hand movements which means I burn a lot of calories, so basically dusting actually helps me stay in shape.

2. Dusting also helps me save money on gym membership fees.

3. When I dust I have to listen to music, so dusting helps me brush up on my dancing skills.

4. They say that dust is composed primarily of dead skin cells. So I guess this includes deceased people, which I guess includes my deceased ancestors. So basically I connect with my ancestors every time I dust.

5. I also build a close relationship with my household appliance every time I dust. I mean I’m touching them all over and touching always leads to intimacy.

6. I don’t know why every time I dust or vacuum I find lots of lost items…hmmm

7. Dusty days kinda look romantic. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s dusty or foggy. I love foggy days 😀

8. Dusty days help mask manufacturing companies increase their sales.

And the number one reason why I like dust:

9. Add a sprinkle of water onto dust and you are in an aroma therapy session

Ok, that was nice…now I feel better…life is beautiful again now that I have made my peace with dust.

*goes to smell a rose*

My apologizes to wordpress

What do my car, my pda, my mobile, my camera, my laptop and wordpress have in common?

1. Things I spend more time with than my family

2. Names I have picked for my future kids

3. Things a certain dude thinks are possessed by the devil

4. Things that my 9 month old niece knows how to use better than me

5. The only words in English I know how to spell

6. Things I have hurt their feeling and are no longer speaking to me

Scroll down for answer

Scroll further down

Ok stop scrolling

1. Nope: It’s more or less the same

2. Nope: Are u kidding me!!! No way I’ll have 6 kids!!!

3. Nope: He thinks these objects are the devil himself

4. Nope: Give her a couple more months and yes she would

5. Nope: I know 1 or 2 more words

6. Aha…yep, I have some how managed to offend these inanimate objects over the past 2 years and 6 have taken their revenge The latest inanimate object I owe an apology to is WordPress. Ever since this post, my comments have been spammed. So here’s my letter to WordPress:

Dear WordPress,

Dude, me so sorry. I never meant to compare you to Blogger. You both have your own positive points. You are both special in your own way. Please accept my sincere apology 😀

Mirror Polisher

Drops of Tears

This little drop of tear fell coz your gorgeous baby smile won’t brighten up my day anymore,

This little drop of tear fell coz your cute laughter won’t fill our house anymore,

This little drop of tear fell coz I won’t have the joy of seeing you dance by jumping up and down,

This little drop of tear fell coz I won’t laugh every time you shake your head side to side refusing to eat baby food, but would take delight in eating grown up soup

This little drop of tear fell coz I won’t rejoice in seeing your little chubby hands clap every time you are happy

This little drop of tear fell coz my cheeks won’t get wet every time you try to kiss me

This little drop of tear fell coz your dark black eyes won’t penetrate deep into my soul every time you stare at me

This little drop of tear fell coz you won’t fall asleep on my chest anymore

My little angel left yesterday 😦

UPDATE: The above tears fell coz my 10 month old niece went back to the States after a two-week visit to Kuwait.