My apologizes to wordpress

What do my car, my pda, my mobile, my camera, my laptop and wordpress have in common?

1. Things I spend more time with than my family

2. Names I have picked for my future kids

3. Things a certain dude thinks are possessed by the devil

4. Things that my 9 month old niece knows how to use better than me

5. The only words in English I know how to spell

6. Things I have hurt their feeling and are no longer speaking to me

Scroll down for answer

Scroll further down

Ok stop scrolling

1. Nope: It’s more or less the same

2. Nope: Are u kidding me!!! No way I’ll have 6 kids!!!

3. Nope: He thinks these objects are the devil himself

4. Nope: Give her a couple more months and yes she would

5. Nope: I know 1 or 2 more words

6. Aha…yep, I have some how managed to offend these inanimate objects over the past 2 years and 6 have taken their revenge The latest inanimate object I owe an apology to is WordPress. Ever since this post, my comments have been spammed. So here’s my letter to WordPress:

Dear WordPress,

Dude, me so sorry. I never meant to compare you to Blogger. You both have your own positive points. You are both special in your own way. Please accept my sincere apology 😀

Mirror Polisher


7 thoughts on “My apologizes to wordpress

  1. grey: mine aren’t spammed anymore :D. WP needs to be bribed 😀

    Bullet: hahaha i am a devoted blogspot user. But wordpress had in for me coz i wrote a negative review about it so i am now apologizing so it would let me comments on wordpress blogs go through.

    amu: *whispers so WordPress won’t hear: “go blogspot, go” :D*

  2. me so sorry?
    lol don’t think WP likes people who talk like that!
    : )

    WP sounds very formal, you also might want to change “dude” to “master commander”…lol

  3. guys: Master Commander WordPress can heaaaarrrr yooooouuuuuu. Stop bashing it or it would SPAM you ;p ;p

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