Are you a Goodman Brown?

As she was talking to me, and I was conversing with her an old story started roaming somewhere in my head. I couldn’t quite place the title, character, plot, but I felt I this story was what first installed a certain belief in me.

SHE: I trusted her, she was my role model. How could she do this?

ME: Come on, you two have been friends for 10 years now. Don’t let a little dispute ruin a great friendship.

SHE: What she did affects my work reputation. The thing is that I always wanted to be like her. I looked up to her. She was the perfect example of a great manager.

ME: See that’s why you shouldn’t be friends with your manager

As that last sentence rolled off my tongue I knew there was some other point I had to make, some more important point.

SHE: No one is to be trusted anymore. Everything was a lie. Our friendship was a lie. What she taught me was a lie. I’m tired of……

ME: Hold on!! Why was it a lie? The message wasn’t wrong, the lesson she taught you wasn’t a lie; the messenger or teacher may have made a mistake. So what? We are humans, we make mistakes; but that doesn’t erase the good things we did in our past.

SHE: You don’t understand. What she did to me was the exact opposite of what she taught me.

Ahaaaa…I remember the story, I remember the plot…it was about a man who had a dream that his wife who he thought of as innocent and sinless was actually involved in satanic rituals…and…and he found out all his town folks who he also considered as puritan weren’t so pure either, as a result he loses his faith and lives miserably ever after…what was the name now…aaahhaa…I got it…the name of the short story was ‘Young Goodman Brown’. Now I remember, I read it about 12 years ago. I remember thinking to myself at that time, why would anyone put faith in a person, the message they are preaching is important, not how they live it out themselves. If the messenger errs, that doesn’t mean the message was wrong. That’s why I have never actually had a role model; I have never put my faith in any person

[5 minutes later]

…which could also explain why I have never been in love…or even close to it…but now I am going off topic…ok…back to my conversation with her…actually forget that conversation…you got the point…I told her about the story, she was still hurtand upset with her friend/manager, didn’t pay much attention to what I was saying…I wonder if she is going to end up being another Young Goodman Brown, hmmmmmmm?

If you are interested, you can read YOUNG GOODMAN BROWN here…or you can read the summary here… now I have to go and contemplate if I was right all these years in never trusting or looking up to anyone…hmmmmmmm


19 thoughts on “Are you a Goodman Brown?

  1. ROFL…hahahahah…your comment not only made me smile but also laugh my [bleep] off. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    fine, let me see if i can gain enough courage to surrender to someone

  2. ok…you got to write a post on how a woman can go man hunting without throwing herself at him. I really need to see a man’s perspective.

  3. Hey, thanks for sharing the story! I guess every once in a while it happens to everyone to lose faith (in almost everything). Hopefully she won’t end up the same as the man in the story.

  4. amu: waiting 😀

    didi: only if u like 18th century literature full of symbolisms. The summary is a good read though.

    arshia: For a long time i had lost faith in humanity :(…but not anymore

    rieanne: which part? finding hubby, having kids, or both? ;p

  5. Losing faith in humanity! Umm… Read this piece (it’s one of my favorites):

    “Don’t make the mistakes of mine
    imagining moments as systems

    If you’re human
    humanism is a nice promise
    ~Jeff Derksen

  6. I remeber that story… vaguely, but still I remember it.
    Anyhow, I’m sorry for your friend…

  7. arshia: thank you dear for the lovely quote. I’m am so grateful that i managed to get out of that dark turmoil i was in to realize the truth behind that quote. Now i believe in the good of humanity…maybe we are not all angels but the majority of us are good 😀

    proshat: If you studied english translation then u must have read in in a bood call…ok now i vaguely remember the name of the book…i think it was ‘Sounds and…sth sth 😛

  8. as i was back stabbed from my best childhood friend i guess i am avoiding people now, i don’t have a best friend now. only hangout friends.i am only a best friend with my family.
    wish to make that feeling go away :/

  9. soul: I was in the EXACT same situation as you!!! I too started avoiding and trusting people when i had a fall out with my best friend. But i got lucky coz some positive people enter my life and saved me from that gloomy turmoil i was in.

    Maybe it’s ironic that ever since we stopped being friends, my relationship with my family has become much stronger, my hangout friends have become a bit more sincere and my life in general has become much better.

    Which feeling you want to get rid of? Not trusting people? Here’s an advice: forgive her for what she did and this way you will free yourself.

  10. bullet: oh yeah…never, ever, never, be close friends with your boss. Of course casual friendship is ok, but not best friends.

  11. i agree with u 100% about life getting better after the situation! yeah my life has become much better, but still no positive ppl yet 🙂 i wish soon.
    and thaaaanks for the advice sis
    i’ll try my best 🙂

  12. We are humans and not angels, we have our share of flaws and mistakes.

    Do we lose faith in people and everything else because of a single flaw? Even if it turns out to be all hypocrisy, are we allowed to neglect all the good things that have been going on along the journey?

    Yes, we are humans. Yes we are molded of emotions, flesh, blood and soul and it is natural to wallow in our agonies and disappointments but eventually we realize that it was merely an individual act or even a group act but if one person is not then there must be many others who aren’t.

    Once the cloud leaves our sky, we see all the good aspects and positives that have been growing all around. People have to learn to give excuses all the time for everyone no matter how agitated they are and no matter how severe the behavior is, understanding the reason forcing any action puts tons of peace into our hearts and allow us to hope for them to one day recover from their wickedness (if they are).

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