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Half the world celebrated something on Friday :D :D :D :D

Mom and I will hit the road in about an hour. I couldn’t sleep, got up to surf and came across this article. Brought a smile to my face, thought of sharing it:

“…on this particular Friday, March 21, it seems almost no believer of any sort will be left without his or her own holiday. In what is statistically, at least, a once-in-a-millennium combination, the following will all occur on the 21st:

Good Friday

Purim, a Jewish festival celebrating the biblical book of Esther

Narouz, the Persian New Year, which is observed with Islamic elaboration in Iran and all the “stan” countries, as well as by Zoroastrians and Baha’is.

Eid Milad an Nabi, the Birth of the Prophet, which is celebrated by some but not all Sunni Muslims and, though officially beginning on Thursday, is often marked on Friday.

Small Holi, Hindu, an Indian festival of bonfires, to be followed on Saturday by Holi, a kind of Mardi Gras.

Magha Puja, a celebration of the Buddha’s first group of followers, marked primarily in Thailand.

“Half the world’s population is going to be celebrating something,” says Raymond Clothey, Professor Emeritus of Religious studies at the University of Pittsburgh. “My goodness,” says Delton Krueger, owner of, who follows “14 major religions and six others.” He counts 20 holidays altogether (including some religious double-dips, like Maundy Thursday and Good Friday) between the 20th (which is also quite crowded) and the 21st.

You can read the whole article here: Good Friday! Happy Purim, Eid, etc…

UPDATE: I just realized that Mother’s Day in the Arab world was also this Friday 😀 😀

Hey maybe this is a sign that 2008 is the year of world peace 😛 😛

Goodbye 1386

Twelve hours ago

It came, the morning breeze, the first breeze of spring. It whirled in, into my room, into my solitude, it twirled around, around my being, around my aura,, it surfed in, surfed careless into my being, into my soul. I am light, I am happy, I smile.

Only a couple of hours of 1386 is left. I close my eyes, tilt my head back, drop to my knees and the sigh lets itself out. A sigh that means…that simply means…thank you.

Thank you 1386. Thank you for 365 blissful days.

Remember the day I said hello to you? The day I wrote this post: “Happy Nowrooz 1386: My personal 7 seens”. Little did I know that my ‘inner’ journey started when I published that post. Little did I know that when the year 2007 ended I would publish this: Goodbye 2007.

And now, at exactly 9:18 and 19 seconds, I would be bidding farewell to 1386. My ‘inner’ journey will end with a physical one. I came to Iran to take a long overdue trip with my mom. A trip that I KNOW will be uplifting for my mom after a difficult year.

The goldfish on our 7 seen table smiles back at me; it winks, it says: Noroozetan Pirooz

Goodbye 2007

I just realized that I never published this on this blog. So before publishing my next post, gotta go with this one first:

Most people fall in love with their soul mates, children, pets, jobs, hobbies, or countries. Moi? What did I fall in love with this year? Here it is: This was my beloved:
The year 2007

Yep, the whole year itself. I LOVED 2007. This was the year of rude awakening for me. The year “I” became “me”.

What did I learn this year:

1. Being happy is easy. If you want to be happy, you will be.
2. Most people are good at heart. True once in while everyone will say or do something that ‘hurts’ but one wrong deed doesn’t make the whole world a hurtful place.
3. Life is all about striving to achieve inner peace. We are emotional beings, if we can take care of our emotions, we would be happy. The way to inner peace is to create the person you want to be.
4. There are no problems in life, only challenges and lessons to be learnt.
5. Clear communication not only solves problems, it also prevents misunderstandings.
6. Blood is thicker than water.
7. Savior the moment: When eating close your eyes and feel the ‘heaven’ with every taste bud in you, when listening to music, close your eyes and ‘feel’ the beat with every dancing muscle in you
8. From time to time compliment people to their faces not just behind their backs. I was shocked that the other day a co-worker came up to me and thanked me for the good word I had put in for her 2 years ago. She had just heard it!!! I used to believe that real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody is going to know whether you did it or not–true, but not all the time.
9. Stop living on autopilot. Life is all about creating memories. Don’t let a month go by in which you could tell yourself, hmmm I wish I had done so and so. If you are not truly happy with your life make that change TODAY. Never say, “Soon, I’ll do it.” If you really want to get up and DO IT NOW.
10. True friends and dear ones are the ones who bring out the best in you.
11. Not all relationships are supposed to last. Some people step into your life to teach you something about yourself.
12. Get a daily dose of dark chocolate
13. Karma does exist (scares me how many times I have seen proof of this)
14. Pampering yourself is essential for your spiritual growth.
15. Get out of your comfort zone and try on that dress, dye your hair that color, dance in public, sing in public; DO IT

What else I learnt
16. I love the Baby Blues comic strips
17. I love Subway
18. I love Sudoku
19. I love Jeff Dunham
20. I love Maz Jobrani

What I did do for the first time in 2007 (or after a long time)
21. Smoked
22. Quit smoking
23. [hehehe, tell ya later about this one]
24. Listened to a rock and roll song (‘Radio Nowhere’ by Springsteen) and actually liked it (thanks to Sh.M)
25. Treated a nice dude in a mean bitchy way [stoneface]
26. Went fishing (didn’t enjoy it, way too boring and the dude I went with kept telling me to stop talking I’m scaring the fish away )
27. Walked under the rain (hadn’t done that in 6 years)
28. Jumped in puddles and splash water around (hadn’t done that in ohhhh ages)
29. Resigned (I did that 5 times this year :D)
30. Fixed my most diabolic vice
31. Believed that true love could exist
32. Joined a gym and actually lost 5 KG …in the right places *evil grin*
33. Started reading again (after what I think was a ten year hiatus)
34. Became a believer of the effect of positive energy, ESP, supernatural phenomena. Like a friend put it: I stopped being a “Sculy” and started to be a little bit of “Mulder”
35. Accepted a compliment with grace and patted myself on the back several times
36. Threw away some memorabilia I had been clinging on for over 20 years
37. Made a decision without thinking it over 200 hundred times
38. Got one of my pictures published in a French book about the Safavid period
39. Found inner peace

That’s all i can think of for now. Goodbye 2007 and thank you

Guess where I am :D

So I managed to get a KD 14 ticket (including tax) from Jazzera Airlines to this country and flew in a couple of days ago. Let’s play a game of where I am. Here we go:

Clue number 1:

Ten minutes after landing I witness a scene that brought a smile to my face 🙂

40-year-old-angry-man #1: Eeey mister. The end of the line is there.

50-year-old -don’t give a damn-man: I was here. Just left for a while.

40-year-old-angry-man #1:
How’s that possible? Your flight came after ours.

At least 3 other angry passengers joining in: Yeah, how’s that possible? Get to the back of the line.

50-year-old -don’t give a damn-who is now getting a bit irritated-man:
Listen, I said….[insert some angry words here]

30-year-old angry woman talking out loud to herself: Some people have a lot of nerve. They just cut and don’t seem to care.

What you should have concluded: Hmmmmm, so in this country people seem to argue over cutting in line a lot, hmmmmm so which country could it be, hmmm?

Clue number 2:

Me over hearing a conversation between a mother and a daughter

Daughter: That was a bumpy flight

[looking exhausted]: I seriously got very scared. I thought we were going to crash

Daughter: Why don’t you go and sit down, I’ll wait in line

Mom now way too tired to reply

: mom you don’t look good. Take an anti-stress pill and go and sit over there

Mom: I took the last one on the plane. I don’t have any left.

Four other passengers at the same time: Here you go, I have one

What you should have concluded: Hmmmm, so in this country most people are a walking pharmacy

Clue number 3:

Passport control officer: So is this your first trip to [name of mysterious country you are suppose to guess name of]with this passport.

Me: Yeah

Passport control officer: So you were born in Kuwait, huh?

Me: Yeah

Passport control officer: And is your mister from [name of country]? [SIDENOTE: Ok, I’m not sure of the exact translation of the word he used, so let’s just assume ‘mister’ is what he said]

Me: yeah both my parents are from [name of mysterious country you are suppose to guess the name of]

Passport control officer: No, your mister!

Me: My what? Ahhhhhh, [realizing he means husband not father]Actually, I’m single.

Passport control officer: Why? [checks my date of birth] You were born in ???. So it’s time. Even guys your age should get married by now, let alone a woman. [insert another 3 minutes of a well-thought out and well structured lecture and definitely ideas I for one have never heard of before on the social, religious, national, civil, economical and well just humane benefits of marriage.

What you should have concluded: Hmmmmm, so in this country people seem to ask strangers lots of personal questions and seem to love lecturing people, now where could it be, hmmmmmmmmm?

Clue number 4:

In the taxi ride from airport

Me talking to myself: Is he speeding? Ahhhh, who cares, I’ll get home faster…wooooo…how come no one is driving within the lanes…damn that truck is emitting a lot black smoke…wooooo that car got way too close to us!!!!…..wooooo so did this car….damn that was close…woo that car is driving only 1 cm away from us…hey he’s not going to try to squeeze into that little space between the two trucks is he?..aaahhhh…he did…you know what, maybe I should just close my eyes till we get there.

What you should have concluded: Hmmmmmm, so traffic in this country is pretty scary.

Clue number 5:

When we got to my neighborhood

ME talking to myself: Wooooo, where did all this highways come from. They weren’t here last time I visited…and check out the traffic…and the people…and the shops…what happened to all those houses, why are they now apartment blocks?

What you should have concluded: Hmmmmm, so this city is basically unrecognizable if you go away for only a couple of years.

Clue number 6:

Taxi driver listening to the radio about an upcoming election

Taxi driver talking to me…or maybe just out loud: These [insert any foul word here]. Did you know [insert 10 minutes of latest political news with his well-thought out and well structured commentary and definitely ideas that I for one have never heard of on how the current regime has destroyed the country]

What you should have concluded: Hmmmmm, so in this country you will have a political discussion every time you are in a cab.

Clue number 7:

When I tried to log onto my Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr account I saw this:


What you should have concluded: Hmmmmm, so most sites in this country are blocked….oh…wait I think I got the name of the country mirrorpolisher is there now…It’s Iran…how did I guess, well elementary my dear Watson, I used a series of elimination techniques from the 7 clues and cleverly managed to deduce that the only country in the world that it could be is Iran…oh that and that it’s actually written in clue 7.

NOTE: Until 5 minutes ago, blogspot was also blocked, that’s why I couldn’t post anything till now.

What do Da Vinci and I have in common? Polyphasic sleep

Ever heard of Polyphasic sleep? Basically it’s sleeping in ‘multiple short phases’, i.e., you sleep for 2 hours, stay awake for 4, then sleep again for 2, stay awake for 4 and so on. Apparently this is the sleeping habits of some quite a number of world geniuses, namely Da Vinci, Lord Byron, Einstein (though not all the time)…and …well the mother of all inventors–Kramer (remember that episode from Seinfeld)…oh and apparently Batman.

Ok, not that I was trying to be Mrs Batman, but it seems I have joined the Exclusive Polyphasic Sleep Club of Geniuses (hereafter EPSCF). My membership started 3 nights ago when I stopped going to work. I slept in late, then got up, ran a few errands, had nothing else to do so went back to sleep, then got up again, slept again, got up again and then I couldn’t sleep all night!!! Before I knew it, I had developed the pattern of polyphasic sleep.

Oh and on the first night I couldn’t sleep, I was surfing the net looking for a good Happy Norooz video, but couldn’t find any. So being a member of the EPSCF I go, Hey gurl, see if u can make your own video using windows video maker.

And voila, here’s my masterpiece: