What do Da Vinci and I have in common? Polyphasic sleep

Ever heard of Polyphasic sleep? Basically it’s sleeping in ‘multiple short phases’, i.e., you sleep for 2 hours, stay awake for 4, then sleep again for 2, stay awake for 4 and so on. Apparently this is the sleeping habits of some quite a number of world geniuses, namely Da Vinci, Lord Byron, Einstein (though not all the time)…and …well the mother of all inventors–Kramer (remember that episode from Seinfeld)…oh and apparently Batman.

Ok, not that I was trying to be Mrs Batman, but it seems I have joined the Exclusive Polyphasic Sleep Club of Geniuses (hereafter EPSCF). My membership started 3 nights ago when I stopped going to work. I slept in late, then got up, ran a few errands, had nothing else to do so went back to sleep, then got up again, slept again, got up again and then I couldn’t sleep all night!!! Before I knew it, I had developed the pattern of polyphasic sleep.

Oh and on the first night I couldn’t sleep, I was surfing the net looking for a good Happy Norooz video, but couldn’t find any. So being a member of the EPSCF I go, Hey gurl, see if u can make your own video using windows video maker.

And voila, here’s my masterpiece:


13 thoughts on “What do Da Vinci and I have in common? Polyphasic sleep

  1. Haha, the Kramer part was really good!
    Are you gonna go back to your old sleeping routine, or you’re enjoying the Plyphase sleep alot that you’re gonna go on with it?

  2. Eid Shema Mubarak Bashee ..

    i think that was right huh 😛

    i go the same sleeping problem i get struck by it mostly on week days ..
    and at weekends i am always awake 🙂

  3. arshia: actually i think i have developed my own version of polyphasic sleep: sleeping 8 hours, staying awke for 2 hours, then sleeping 8 hours again 😀

    ihamad: 😀 thanks hamad. yep that was right.
    believe it or not, the more sleep i get the more ired i am!!!

  4. Thank GOD I have a normal sleeping pattern..I sleep like a baby straight 8 hours non stop 😀

  5. OMG, I love the new Polyphasic sleep that you created for you. I would love to follow it too 😉

  6. i got the same ..
    the more i sleep the more i want to stay asleep 🙂
    wish there were paying jobs, another life, friends and the works in dreams .. we wouldnt have to wake up anymore 🙂

  7. I have trouble sleeping as well. I always always wake up, but I’m not sure if it’s polyphasic sleep? Is that like a disorder?

  8. amu: I used to be like that, sniff, sniff 😦

    arshia: come on board 😀 i have now improved my record; i now sleep 10 hours stay awake for 2, sleep 10 stay wake for 2 😀 😀

    hamad: I DO have another life in my dreams. That’s why i don’t wanna get up 😀 It’s a nice change from my usual persona 😀 And my dreams have become more like lucid dreaming, so i know i am dreaming which makes it even better. You wouldn’t how my dreams have actually helped me out 😀

  9. Well, I would gladly join you! But well, more gladly I would have joined the always-sleepers! I am in desprate need of 48 hours of straight sleep right now!

  10. I guess Im one of “you then !
    Should I be proud and have a bumper sticker made? I think so.

  11. So, my genius polyphasic sleeping friend (see if you can say that three times really fast!) what will you be making for Noorooz?

  12. proshat: apparenetly the membership expires coz i’m no longer a member of EPSCF 😦

    bombay: hahaha great idea…we can also get one of thse “Honk if you ‘heart’ Polyphaisc sleep” stickers

    rieanne: you it isn’t already 😛

    intlaxptr: *says it 3 times* yeah…:D 😀 mostly i RELAXED for nowroz.

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