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No longer a Mirror Polisher

Today marks the 18 month-and- 20 day anniversary of when I wrote my first post (don’t look at me like that, I’m sure there’s some tribe some where in the world that actually celebrates an 18 month and 20 day anniversary).

I was in the middle of writing a post on “The Five people I will meet in Heaven” when I realize that the phase of being a “Mirror Polisher” is completed. Here’s an excerpt from the post I explain the story behind the name:

Why Mirror Polisher? Coz I used to dread mirrors. I would only look into one in the mornings when brushing my hair, and even then only at my hair, never into my eyes. For some reason, staring straight into my own eyes wasn’t too comfortable for me. Maybe it was because our eyes are mirrors of our souls; if you look deep enough you can see the essence of one’s soul. For me a Mirror Polisher is a person who is not afraid of seeking self-awareness, who polishes the mirror to get a clear reflection of their soul.

Well, people, I am done polishing. I now know who I am. I am now happy with who I am. I now love having mirrors all over the house…and these mirrors are so well polished that the eyes that stare back at me no longer intimidate me.

So, it’s time I left this blog.

Just like I left Magical Droplets.

But who am I going to be now?







I’ll be me.

No nicknames, no words that best describe me, no symbols of what defines me, just me…

Actually scratch what I just said…I can’t use my real real name!!! Not that I write anything I wouldn’t want anyone who knows me in real life to read, but still…it would be creepy knowing that they know about my blog but I don’t know they know

Hmmmmm, give me time to think of a new nickname.

*goes to think*

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7 things I plan to do:

1. Allow my heart to be in the driver’s seat for a change (not that it asked anyone for permission; it just shoved my head out of the way and took over)

2. Go to Malaysia in mid-May 😀

3. Learn what all those buttons on my camera do :O

4. Learn to play at least a couple of guitar chords

5. Start reading Rumi in Persian (thanks A.N for the motivation)

6. Motivate my mom to start painting (I already taught her how to surf the net :D)

7. Re-lose that 5 kg I have re-gained and lose an additional 5 kg… and then decide if I need to lose more weight 😀

7 things I can do:

1. Just like Intlxpatr, speak in public…don’t get nervous at all…an NO I don’t not imagine everyone sitting naked. I honestly want to know if that tip has ever worked for anyone!!!

2. Talk and talk and talk endlessly for hours and hours on end

3. Forgive and forget (of course the forgetting part is coz of my terrible, terrible, terrible memory)

4. Lie and get away with it (a skill I have recently mastered…at least I think I have)

5. Procrastinate effectively (I work a lot better when I am under stress…yep that’s my excuse

6. Speak my mind (another skill I have acquired recently)

7. A.N says I am an expert at coming up with a 1000 excuses for not-doing something

7 things I can’t do:

1. Bake!!! (it just never turns out right; but then again I don’t need to, my bro makes excellent cakes)

2. Not cry when watching most movies (it’s embarrassing watching a movie with someone, they always go, now why are you crying at this scene???

3. Give up easily

4. Sing (except in the car and bathroom…and when I want to clear the room)

5. Anything artistic, e.g. paint, draw, music

6. Dance…heck even my 10 month old niece dances better than me…actually I should add this to the list of things I plan on doing…learn Persian dancing

7. Remember where I have parked my car

7 things I say a lot

1. Magical (my favorite word)

2. Lovely ass (as in “I’m too tired to drag my lovely ass out of bed”; or when messaging friends to let them know I have arrived “my lovely ass is here, where are you?”

3. ‘Baba joon’ when talking with Persians; ‘ya ammy’ here in Kuwait

4. Extremely (instead of very)

5. What the hell!!!!!

6. Serious??!!

7. No way!!!!

(Based on my last 3 catch phrases I can see that I’m surprised quite a lot, hmmmm)

Wanna peaceful state of mind—throw away all your beliefs :D

Quick question: How do you know you are right?

I’m not talking about anything in particular; just in general. How do you know you are right about anything—your religious beliefs, political stands, causes you believe in, or whether chocolate cake truly is much better than vanilla cake.

I used to be a person who thought that my beliefs are strongly rooted in logic and common sense and anyone who didn’t agree with them was a blind stubborn imbecile with a rat’s $hit for brains stuck in the dark ages 😀

Now I say, the only problem with common sense is that there’s nothing common about it!!

As for logic, well logic all depends on how far you tilt your head, your mood, or whether you are pmsing or not.

Logic is an illusion.

Have you guys seen that Facebook Right-Brain vs Left-Brain application that asks you to say which way the girl is dancing? When I first saw it, I thought WTH, of course it’s clockwise; there’s nothing illusionary about it. It’s clear as day. Boy did I get the shock of my life when I saw how many people have said she is twirling counter-clockwise.

What, are these people blind??!!! This is NOT an illusion; she is clearly twirling clockwise; why couldn’t they see it???

Ok, maybe a possible explanation is that it keeps changing directions. But no EVERY time I saw it, it was clockwise. SO WHY COULDN’T PEOPLE SEE IT THE WAY I SAW IT.

Again, I repeat this image is not an optical illusion. See with other optical illusion pictures nothing is clear; the pictures are always half way between something; so I can accept why some see a frog, some a horse; some and old woman, some young; BUT THIS PICTURE WAS CLEAR.

Then it hit me; if I just tilt my head to the left a little bit, I would see her twirling counter-clockwise!!! I practiced till I got her to turn the other way. 😀

But then two days later, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t “see” her turning counter-clockwise. Apparently my mood also affects my perception.

Hmmm, so how often had I been so sure of my beliefs before, how often was I 100% what I was seeing is crystal clear and how often was I shocked that others didn’t see what I saw.

So if all those time I would have just tilted my head, I could have seen what they saw.

Are all our strong held beliefs just like this dancing girl?

PS. If you cannot see her turning in the picture above go here

PPS Also go there to get the interpretation of your test result.

PPPS. Baba, ya ammy, ya amu, ya walek…just go there 😀

UPDATE: A non-virtual friend just sent me this video related to the above topic. Check it out:

Dar Athar Al-Islamiyya Events

The remaining events at Dar Athar:

Next 28/04/2008 Risa Tokunaga: Desert Rock Inscriptions in Arabia & Egypt: Traces of Ancient Arab Travellers & Bedouin
05/05/2008 Music- Sulaiman al-Dikan
12/05/2008 Carl Ernst: “Sufism & the Aesthetics of Penmanship in Ya’qub ibn Hasan al-Shirazi’s Tukfat al-Muhibbin (1454
13/05/2008 Judith Ernst: “Envisioning the Unseen: The Relationship between Vision and Sight in Art and Illustration”
19/05/2008 Gocha Japaridze
26/05/2008 Sitare Turan Bakir: “Traditional Tiles & Ceramics of … today”
28/05/2008 Music ,Rashed Juma: Violin / Piano recital…

Day in Review

Already accomplished:

Case 1: Finally called friends and let them know I’m back in Kuwait.

Case 2: Finally started yoga…OUCH my back!!!

Case 3: Finally mom had her talk with me on WHEN THE HELL I plan to go back to work.

Case 4: Finally fixed my yahoo messenger

Case 5: Finally changed my template…again

Case 7: Booked 2 tickets for the new KLT show:

Case 8: Read a great translation of Googoosh’s song: Mordab HERE on Abadany dar Holland’s Blog

Still need to do

Case: 1: Install that “Intro to Guitar” CD; and that “Guide to Persian Literature” CD

Case 2: Check out all those bookmarked sites that were blocked in Iran

Case 3: Finish reading “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”

Case 4: Reply to 2 personal emails

Car Boot Sale this Saturday April 26

How come usually whenever I sigh, ‘hmmm I wish so and so would happen’ my wish is granted except when it comes to winning the lottery!!!! 😀 😀

So today I tell a friend, I haven’t been to a car boot sale/yard sale/street bazaar in a long time and just now I got an email from Operation Hope that there’s a yard sale this Saturday:

Community Yard Sale

30 am

Rumaithiya, Block 9, Street 92, House 23

Huge selection of new and used items including furniture, clothing, books, toys, appliances, brick-a-brack, decorative items, linens, DVDs, and much more. Proceeds benefit Operation Hope. Be sure to get there early for best selection!

PPS. But I think I would love winning the lottery more 😀