Since I can’t access blogspot from Iran, I would post here till I get back to Kuwait.

Ahhhh my good old friend has wrapped itself around me again. This time though it doesn’t come alone, Who are these friends? If I remember correctly that’s the sweet smell of a wild berry tree drenched in spring rain, and aahh there’s the cool air that’s bouncing off that brick wall, just listen to that music our pure stream is playing…yeah of course a canary has to be whistling amidst this ‘earthy’ aroma. Thank you dear breeze, thanks my old friend for bringing new friends with you this time.


Ahhhh yeah, today (Tuesday) was Sizeh Bedar (Thirteen gone out); it’s basically the last day of Norooz and as part of our tradition, it’s a day where THE WHOLE nation goes out to have a picnic. In every single park, river bank, meadow, gardens, or anywhere there’s a patch of greenery you would see families barbequing, playing badminton or volleyball, swinging on makeshift swings, smoking hookah, and dancing…yes even dancing but not in parks (too many prying eyes there :D)


So mom and I are back in Tehran. During the past two weeks we went to Masouleh, Shomal (northern cirites of Iran near the Caspian sea), Abyaneh and Kashan. We still have to go to Isfahan, possibly next week. During this trip I have come to understand that:

1. Iranians are very sociable/talkative 😀

2. Iranians favorite past time seems to be fighting and dancing 😀 😀

3. Iranians are neither leaders nor blind followers.

4. Iranians don’t appreciate their cultural heritage or historical sites

In separate posts I would elaborate on each. Till then here are some pix from around Tehran and places we visited.

Tabatabee House (Kashan)abas-abad-jungle.jpg

Haft seen in a shop in TehranSwing in Abasabad jungleCeiling in Borjerdi House (Kashan)

Abas abad Jungle (shomal)Woman in AbyanehTabatabee House (Kashan)Melat Park (Tehran)Somewhere in Shomal


2 thoughts on “I FEEL ALIVE

  1. Oh! Thank you for posting these. The hyacinth are a feast for the eyes! I never see anything like it in Kuwait. And I love the dome interior, looking straight up. Wow. and where is the last photo taken, this Iran-that-looks-like-Switzerland?

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