More random pictures from Tehran

1. Picture of two mosques in Tehran for Intlxpatr

Mosque in TehranMosque in Tehran

2. Is it too polluted for ya? 😀 Keep track of the amount of gases in the air in Shahrakeh Ghaarb


3. Love this idea. Tehran’s city Hall has placed book baskets on buses. This particular book is called, “Short stories from Pakistan”

Book box in bus

4. Wall painting in Vanak Square

Wall paintin in Vanak

5. My ice cream 😀



2 thoughts on “More random pictures from Tehran

  1. Oh! I love these photos! I will probably never be able to visit iran and oh, we would love to! I love the second mosque down, what beautiful lighting, what lovely lines! And what fun, seeing the book baskets, how totally cool! I also think the photo of the wall painting if fun, expecially with random guy in front waving at you! 😉

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