The Tour Guide

This post was written a week ago when I was still in Iran

Ever had a feeling like…well like…like you are walking with…yourself. Several times during this trip to Iran I felt this way. Those times that I floated through familiar streets, streets whose walls were like a photo album …with each brick bringing back memories…memories that though you created no longer feel like yours…not the new you anyway. Ever heard your old self talking to you while going down these streets?

Today I went to Payetakht—a mall in northern Tehran that is the center of computers. I used to come here at least twice a week years ago. It had somehow changed now. Those days it was mostly bootlegged CDs, now it’s laptops, digital cameras, plasma TVs, iphones, mobiles, macs, etc. Just like those days I stopped at each shop studying the variety of models. Before I knew it I slipped into a conversation with myself.

“Now that’s a beautiful Sony Vaio…hey I haven’t seen that model in Kuwait…why do some companies export certain models to only certain countries…oh look there is the official agency of Panasonic…let me check out their camera….”

“Hey remember this shop? This was the shop that you got that SPSS CD, remember? Remember you needed that statistics application CD for your thesis but it was difficult to get hold of the latest version? This shop promised to bring it for you? Remember?”

The memory was mine, but this wasn’t me talking to myself anymore… I almost felt her presence walking next to me…like a guide, a tour guide, guiding me through ‘my’ memories…distance memories. She also stopped with me at each shop, with each shop she painted a vision in me of the shop as it was years ago…just like a tour guide.

Ever felt this way?


5 thoughts on “The Tour Guide

  1. Uum… yeah, things change, we change, some memories stay the same and give us strange feelings every once in while. I wonder how I would feel when I go back to Tehran. Good for you for visiting it. Enjoy your time (jaye manam keifesho kon).

  2. I keep blaming myself for not seeing you when you were here. and this post just showed me how close you had been to me… I frequent that mall a lot! In fact that is just around the corner of my path to collage!
    What a shame I couldn’t meet you.
    I thought you were not back from your trip yet. then I learned that you’re gone.
    Maybe next time, if u came here, give me a nudge & I will make sure we meet (that is if u like).

  3. arshia: You know what…Tehran was spiritual for me during this trip…hehehe jaat kheleee khalee bood.

    proshat: would you believe when i was there it did cross my mind that you might be one of those familiar strangers i came across.

    Next time I would definitely give you a nudge…time to create new memories in Tehran 😀

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