Review of 21 films

Bootlegged films are VERY cheap in Iran—about 300 fils—so I brought smuggled in about 70 to Kuwait, hehehehehehehe….Here’s a one line review of 21 films

Non-English Films


  1. Jodha Akbar: Recommended by Amu. Great cinematography. Loved the sword fighing scene between Ash and Hrithik 😀 The film got me to google Akbar the Great. Found out there were some historical inaccuracies but not enought to distort the truth too much. BTW, did you know that Akbar was the grandfather of Shah Jahan of Taj Mahal?


  1. Persepolis: This film could be a page out the book of ANY Iranian who lived in Iran during the 80s and early 90s

Iranian Films

  1. Ali Santuri (English title: The Musician): Only reason I watched it is coz it’s banned in Iran. If you wanna put yourself through more than an hour of torture then watch this film.
  2. Nesf Maleh Maan, Nesf Maleh Tow (English title: Half mine, Half yours): A fun family film.

Half English/Half Farsi film

  1. The Kite Runner: The book was MUCH more poignant.

English Films

  1. Rendition: Thought pace was too slow but liked the way the two timelines interlocked. Reese Witherspoon’s role was way too trivial.
  2. A Might Heart: Pace too slow, film a bit weak, could have focused more on the emotional side of it; liked Jolie’s new hairdo though.
  3. The Night Listener: not a lot of suspense for a suspenseful film
  4. The Kingdom: Got to see it again to comment
  5. The Bourne Ultimatum: Matt Damon was HOT 😛
  6. National Treasure 2: Liked part 1 much better; learned some interesting tidbits, like there are two Eiffel Towers 😀
  7. No Country for Old Man: I am now convinced that members of the Oscars academy are officially blind, deaf and with no sense of artistic taste!!
  8. Lions for Lambs: A loooooooooong lecture. You might as well just watch a political debate on CNN. Tom Cruise was his annoying self.
  9. Jesse James: Was never a fan of Brad Pitt; this film proved why.
  10. I am Legend: Will Smith is HOT!!
  11. The Golden Compass: Nicole Kidman is forcing me to cross her off my list of fav actresses
  12. Atonement: The only reason I watched it till the end was coz I was too lazy to reach for the remote to switch off the TV.
  13. Juno: Loved her character, especially her wit. Screenplay was excellent. Though I did think they toned down the trials of teenage pregnancy.
  14. Meet the Spartans: LOL..much more realistic than 300
  15. Elizabeth: Made me google it; the film has some historical inaccuracies. Thought the real Queen Elizabeth would have been much more interesting than the one depicted in this film.


6 thoughts on “Review of 21 films

  1. wow thats alot of movies..

    Glad you enjoyed Jodhaa Akbar 🙂

    Welcome was your trip? and where are my sweets? 😛

  2. Oi ! criminal ( kidding) … same here i have almost 400 CD’s …but off latley hooked to TV songs in perticular, no time to watch movies anymore.

  3. amu: hehehe i almost bought more movies tonight and my sis goes: first watch the 50 movies you got then get some more 😀 😀 opppps i think i just ate the last bit of sweet i brought from Iran 😛

    intlxpatr: thanks..great Arabic 😀

    grey: hehehe which part was criminal? the smuggling part or the buying bootlegged part? 😀

  4. So Ali Santuri is that bad?! My friend lent it to me and I was going to watch it tonight…Talk about a sign!

  5. No, no go ahead watch it. I always say watching a bad movie is better than watching no movie at all 😀

    Actually a lot of people liked it; it was just waaayyy too depressing for my taste

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